Alice Liddle
Alice Liddle asked:

Does the fact that I'm afraid of China dolls affect how I will like this book? ._.

Jim Sibigtroth The china rabbit and china dolls in this story are unable to affect humans in any way other than to act as objects of comfort, so I suspect it would be a good story for you. It might even reassure you that china dolls do not pose any threat to you.

On the other hand, if your fear is based on a suspicion that the china dolls are secretly able to see and hear you, you might not like it.
Kayla O once you read this book you will get over your fear of china dolls ! in fact, you might just love china dolls after reading this book !
Joshua once you read this maybe you wont be afraid anymore you will fall in love with Edward Tulane
Shaylie No way! You should totally read this book!
Christie Adams No!!! It is a must read!!!!
Joe Keefhaver Have you read "The Velveteen Rabbit"? Did you love it? If so, you'll love this.
Leonor Jimenez-ethier Well, the story by itself is beautifully written, and like every good story it will make you have different emotions including loving the main character no matter what the main character is or looks like. Readers of this book will feel for the main character for who he is and who he becomes and nothing else. However, even though the character is not really "alive"... The main character is a doll and can do nothing bad to humans, but because it is the main character it cannot be a completely inanimate doll. Therefore, this china doll "shows emotions and other human characteristics... Are you afraid of dolls that are "alive" or of the idea of china dolls looking at you and kind of being alive?... If that is the case, this book might not be for you, if not, you should be fine. Now, the book have pictures, in some of them you cannot tell the bunny is made out of china, but in others you will definitely noticed the material he is made of, that might be the part that could cause a conflict with your fear. I would check the pictures first, and if you are okay with the illustrations I think you will enjoy the book very much. Good luck!
Aurianna Well, I'm not sure. Though I don't have a phobia of china dolls, I thought one or two of the illustrations towards the end looked a little creepy.
Hollis Sev No, because the china dolls don't really affect the story - Edward Tulane is a friendly bunny, so no, it won't matter. I think you will like this book a lot. Try reading it!! It's really good. I hope my answer helped you, and I hope you read it!
Julia M. No, the story is the same whether or not you have a phobia of the main character. The feelings produced by this book will still give off the same impact to you. I think that you would enjoy this book very much.
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