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Flint Lockwood I liked the ending.. no more books needed! Lu left the ending for our imagination and defining such a dynamic relationship would ruin it for me. Just be happy he lived!!
Vagner Stefanello She could write a short book telling us (SPOILER) what had happened with Day and June in those ten years away from each other. Guess it would be great for all fans.
Kim I was a tad upset [actually I was very emotional for an entire month] about the ending, but I think Marie Lu was kind of giving us the freedom of what could have happened. She wants us to dwell in what happened in those ten years or what happened after they met again.

I personally came up with ten scenarios after they met. However, I still hoped she wrote a longer epilogue, or write an entire book, I won't complain.
Cheri Sears I think the ending to the book was pretty much the perfect ending that she could have written. If the ending was anything else and she elaborated on what happened to them afterwards, it would have just become another sappy love story and would take away from just how much else happened in the book. Also it was a very unpredictable ending and I couldn't help but smile for hours after finishing. You can use your own imagination to figure out what happened, and if not then maybe you should read children's novels where the authors tell every boring detail of every character so you don't need to engage your own imagination at all..... just saying...
Faye I agree. It was too sudden. I had a closure but then maybe it wasn't the kind of ending that I wanted.
Salome It was still a better ending than Requiem!
INF8NITE i know right I hate is so much :'( i just can't huhuhhuhhuhuhu i really love the book
Darkprinceoflight Personally I loved that it ended like that, don't get me wrong, it made me mad, but she connected it to the very beginning of the series, and let June and Day have a new beginning. It was a perfect, and stand alone ending rather than the typical "good defeats bad and then happily ever after" endings most books have.
Nicole I agree and I do think there isn't enough information as well. But I like open endings and I like how you are able to come up with what you want for the end. I also feel like there isn't much else that could happen and it would feel dragged on if more/another book was added.
Julia Li I really hope that Marie Lu will write something to give us answers! I don't care if its only a page, just something!

i used to ship june and day so much, but the more i think about it, i don't like june.

i used to be mad at day for not instantly falling in love with her and just forgiving her for what she did. but thinking about it now, how could he ever?! thinking back, i am glad he never really did. she killed his family. why? even after she saw who he really was? i can understand june's POV, a soldier trained to complete orders... but day's POV... you can never forgive june.

i always wanted them together, but as soon as this fourth installment came out... i just dont want them to be together. simply based on the fact that SHE KILLED HIS FAMILY, and he never forgave her for it or was even thinking about it/going to do it (as he should!). the only reason he forgave june at the end of the third book was because he forgot why and how his family died.

kinda sketchy on june's part... i mean, how can she live with that?? how is it fair to day to be unconsciously living his life with the one person who destroyed everything he had left??!! with the one person who he could never consciously love or like, because of what she did??!!

day in books 1-3: thank you for never forgiving june and never being able to fully love her and enjoy her company. she did you you and your family, and you knew that. you could not unfasten the ties you had to your family. you knew, BLOOD FIRST.

day in book 4: please, never remember what actually happened. the pain you would bear relearning the truth and realizing you had forgiven and were spending time with the one person who destroyed your family would be WAY more than the pain you bared when you watched your family die.

june gave day everything he wanted, after she took everything he had.
Wesley Miller
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Aliza The series was amazing but I'm the type of person who feels empty if there is an open ending it feels a little sad to leave off with a huge amount of questions ahead because the ending was bittersweet it why I think some people like it they know that Day and June will continue their journey together maybe not as a ship (which is crushing me inside everyday because that possibility could happen) and have their ups and down and love to create their own endings but the reason I read the book in the first place is to comb through all the tangles in the road with everyone and let them end off with a path in their life as the ending would set them right or wrong depending where the story went it feels upsetting that we will never know what happens to Day and June and I just wish there was at least a small insight on their future that could give a little away on how their life journey ends
Valerie Champion was the most beautiful ending I've ever read, in my opinion. It's perfection. It gives June and Day infinite life, because they're too good to have their fates written out.
Jason Kim The ending was very emotional and I liked it, because it was an open ending.
Will I never get really emotional about books, but oh my god. I cried for weeks from the ending! Why the ending! =:( I like the whole imagination way of ending it, but I really need another short thing to wrap it up. For anyone who doesn't want it, don't read it. Cried for weeks... =;(
Destiny I understand what most people are saying about we should make up the ending but…… I need to to continue because I read this book last year and I never cry other books but this completely changed me. I cried for a couple of weeks and every time I hear some one mention the book or I see it some where I cry. I would really like to see a good ending so I would like to see more
Salo Hey guys! I have a question about the book... Does anyone know how the plague transmits? How come Tess got infected with the virus but not Day after having strong contact with Eden his brother or having an intimate relationship with June? Was it because a type of blood? Please if someone has an answer I would be very happy! Thanks!
Stephen Another one is coming out on October 1st which I just noticed
B there is another one coming out
Katelyn lol. I think she sorta sucks at romance, so I'm glad she left it to our imagination haha. (i mean i love her dystopian, but i've seen better romance XD)
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