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Did Jackie Kennedy know of this relationship before the death of her husband? How was Mimi (a young girl) able to make secret a relationship with a world figure? Most young girls out of excitement will make it public. I like her courage. Associating with JFK is not a bad association.

Joyce I think that because of the times back then girls did not talk like they do now. They were raised to be more secretive as reputation was everything and being a virgin was the most important. As for Jackie knowing I doubt that she could not have known. I think that back then men were so in control that she would have thought it was normal. She was also Catholic and I imagine that priests would have always been on the male's side. After all look what we now know about how they all stuck together to blame the victims in the child abuse cases?
BarbaraNathalie In light of the sexual activities going on in the prep schools, I'm stunned that her parents sent her to Washington. They must have known she would be exploited by someone but chose to send her there for the connections.  Shameful people.
Nancy Wilson I got the impression most people in the White House knew about it. I did wonder how her family didn't figure out something was going on.
Gama Jeanette I don't think it ever crossed Mimi's mind to go public about her secret relationship with JFK when she was with him. It would of ruined her reputation back then. As far as Jackie, from what I gathered from Mimi's memoir, it seems that Jackie was away from the White House a lot, and probably didn't know about Mimi nor the relationship she had with JFK.
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