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Did anyone else find the government conspiracy plotline a bit ridiculous?

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Evaine Living in Quebec, in the Montreal suburbs and having lived through much of the history in the Gamache books, I find the 'conspiracy plotline' very believable and the characterizations of all the members of the plot very real. I recognise these people. It felt very real to me. :)
Pammie I didn't find it ridiculous at all. But I live in the US, where we now have a president that I considered a joke a mere six months ago. Now it's a crazy reality and I'm horrified.
Jann For anyone who sees daily the decaying infrastructure around Montreal it is not a stretch. Obviously we have to eliminate our current leaders from our imaginations but we know the construction industry is constantly in the news for various infractions. We know that many former individuals have left their positions in disgrace so the possibility that several bad apples could collude to make long term plans to grab power and line their pockets in the process exists. Whatever happened to 'suspension of disbelief' for those of you who didn't like it? This is fiction and if we expect all crime books to be plausible then we might have quite boring reading and might as well just read the newspapers.
Carol Yes, a bit. Frankly, I think this was my least favorite of the series because it just seemed too far-fetched. Also, it seemed to go on and on. I'm not saying that it wasn't a good book and enjoyable. I just think the other books in the series were better. I'm looking forward to reading the next two.
Steve No. Scary and likely outside most western governments' checks and balances, but a reasonable take on what Arnot and Francoer were into.
Sasha Yes. The sheer implausibility really detracted, I thought, from what was an otherwise thoroughly enjoyable series.
Rita It was a bit wild but this is a story not a fact. Just enjoy it.
Biggus Almost as ridiculous as the nonsense about chasing and deleting the 'files' was. Honestly, writers should SO stay away from anything to do with IT :)
Nancy Groves I had trouble believing the conspirators had been able to get away with it for so long. Unless I misunderstood, the repair projects had been authorized, contracts issued. Wouldn't a whole lot of people have realized that the work was never being done, especially if it involved a large, lengthy project such as substantial work on a major bridge, road, overpass? The issuing on a contract would be public knowledge, known to contractors, subcontractors, the media, numerous government employees, people who traveled regularly on that road, etc. If the work was never done, there was either an elaborate, ongoing show of pretending to do the work (again, an awful lot of people who had to keep their mouths shut), or no work at all, which surely would have been noticed. I still liked the book very much, but I had issues with the extent of the conspiracy.
Mb not knowing the politics of Montreal, but knowing how crooked politicians can be, it's possible. Just look at the highway system in the US, we have bridges collapsing. Then there is the "BigDig" in Mass., there is another accident waiting to happen.
But as far as the story goes, this book literally had me reading non stop. I love the characters and was just hoping we didn't lose any.
Did you see the movie "Still Life", believe it was made for TV. what a mess that was, the characters were nothing like described in the books, don't even get me going on the local. you would think they would have kept the village of 3 pines as it was described. it reminded me of any small New England town, cape cod homes and all.
Cj Johnson Yes. I truly love this series, but while reading this particular book I was simultaneously praying "please don't go there"; too far-fetched and a silly plot. I agree with you completely, a bit ridiculous.
Jeanna Murphy Marlene, the book titled A Beautiful Mystery explains why Beauvoir has turned against Gamache.
Marlene Is this the one that concerns the incident where Gamache and Beauvoir are injured? Could you give me the title? I have now read several of the series which allude to something terrible and which has a videotape, etc. But I don't know what the incident was about, and what happened to make Beauvoir turn against Gamache.
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