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Are you satisfied with the ending?

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Tina The ending was the absolutely worst part of the series. The 'revenge' was disappointing at best - it seemed to me like the author wanted to make a point about peace but all she ended up doing was proving that the angry, hateful spirit can punish everyone else for the mistake they made and get away with it. Which is a real crappy point to make, if I may add.

Also, the whole Lil story did a 180 degree turn for no reason other than the shock effect and it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. After the relationship between Reeve and Lil developed in the second book, and then continued like this in the third, I can't see how she'd ever choose Alex whom she'd never had feelings for, who she'd never even considered and who was just a minor character in all the other books really.

And about Kat, I don't even know what to say. She didn't have any real character development from the first book, and the relationship between her and Alex could really have worked out well which is why I'm kinda shocked the authors didn't take it anywhere.

And I still can't believe what happened to Reeve - he didn't deserve any of this. As if he hadn't suffered enough. This is why I wish I hadn't even read the last book, and just stopped after the second. Now the entire series are ruined for me.
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Aishwarya L I absolutely agree with what 90% of the reviews here say..the ending sucked. Jenny and Siobhan, please come out with another version with a better ending.
Or at least another part in the series. Why does Lillia get a fairytale ending whereas Reeve and Kat had such a crappy end to their struggles ?
And don't get me started on the Lil-Reeve relationship ! Its like The Notebook, except that Allie doesn't choose Noah, she chooses the other guy.
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Art Hell to the no. Just fucking no. I'm so infuriated right now I wanna burn this book into ashes. Shit I wasted my time reading the other two books with that crappy ending. The whole goddamn book is all about Lillia overbitching Rennie cause she actually turns out to be even worse than Rennie! She gets it on with Reeve all the goddamn time and then fuck, i'm actually in lurrv with Alex, like seriously? get over your fucking self Lillia. She's a manipulative bitch who acts all sweet and innocent but she's actually a wolf in sheep's clothing. The authors were so focused and biased with Lillia that they didn't fucking care for the other characters' lives. What Lillia wants, Lillia gets. Kat starts this whole thing and see what the authors did to her character- fucking benched dude. She should've been the dominant one in the whole entire series and not that stupid Lillia. I didn't even care about Mary. Because I'm fucking sick of the whole (bitter ghost thing I can't fucking be in peace without seeing Reeve suffer and diiiee)- what's worse is it was written half-heartedly since SPOTLIGHT:LILLIA duh. I mean, what's the sense of killing Rennie if Lillia doesn't fucking end up with Reeve right? Like, I totally felt bad for Ren cause she died for NOTHING. Everyone suffered in this book except Lillia because she manipulated everyone like the slythering snake that she is the entire series. This book ruined all chances of me getting hyped up with future books from these authors. Never again
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Zaynah Monsoor yeah i get this was posted 5 years ago and its now 2020. i doubt anyone is gonna look at this but whatever quarantine is making me more bored than ever.

the first two books were not bad, considering jenny han and the other author are pretty good authors. the third was complete trash!!! it was so rushed and it really sucked, like come on, it had TWO authors and still sucked so bad.

the epilogue was the worst part of all.
first of all, in the first two books, i really wanted lillia and alex to end up together. even in the second book, when lillia starts a relationship with reeve, i STILL wanted her to be with alex. then, in the epilogue, when she actually DOES end up with alex, i hated it!! like wtf??? youre gonna build up a relationship between lillia and reeve for two and a half books, then throw it all away in two sentences??? WHY does lillia end up with alex?? they had no chemistry at all in the past books.

also, kat and mary became side characters when they were supposed to be just as important as lillia!!! kat especially got a significantly less amount of chapters and plot as lillia did, an mary was pretty much cut out of the whole book except for a few measly pages.

hated the ending, it was complete trash. lillia should have ended up with reeve, and alex with kat. I get that sometimes books dont always end happily, but wtf??? like LITERALLY WHAT WAS THE POINT OF BUILDING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN LILLIA AND REEVE FOR TWO AND A HALF BOOKS THEN THROWING IT ALL AWAY IN 2 SENTENCES????????
Belinda Nope. The entire trilogy was amazing, but the epilogue towards the last book had me going WTF =_____=
Lilia and Reeve went through so much together and all of sudden, she sees Alex in a different light? Alex had better chemistry with Kat, they had so much in common and I love their cute moments together. Mary was finally at peace and now the characters are just all over the place, instead of with each other.
Theodora Belle I was so *$%#@^& mad about this book, Jenny Han disappointed me. I feel like she does that all the time. Looking back at it, it was like, LILIA was in the spotlight, and the whole book revolved around her life. There was basically no character progression, Kat, Lilia, Reenie, and Mary get nothing! Unless going from alive to dead counts. Alex goes to the college he likes and tells his parents he's into music, Reeve, takes one for the team once.
It was all really annoying, it was like- I'm going to kill Reenie because she's in the way of Reeve and Lilia being together. Then, oh wait- there's more, they don't *$%#@^& end up together. I wanted to burn this book, but I did the more sensible thing and threw it at the wall. Mary dies, apparently she's been a ghost from the time she committed suicide. Oh and guess what- Cooky aunt Bett, isn't all that Cooky! If I knew this was a *$%#@^& supernatural book, I would have never picked it up. Lila's like oh no whatever will I do my best friend turn frenimy, hates me, then she dies and I'm sad now, so Reeve can condole me in her Reenie's mom's Kitchen. Ok, I feel bad for Lilia- she went through a lot, and not just with the whole revenge thing but with other stuff. But like, what about Kat. To put the icing on top of the cake, they kill her DAD for God knows what reason. But there's always more, because if there gonna make it bad, why stop there because since Reeve and Lilia aren't together, oh so perfect and amazing Lilia needs a boy by her side, Alex of course is that boy. Which ruins all my OTP's. So thank Jenny and other author who's name I cannot spell. I'm not going to bother looking it up because they ruined a whole series.
We can all tell Lilia was favored by the authors. Also- Jenny Han said it herself. So for those of you reading this save yourselves the pain and read a better YA book that isn't written by Jenny Han or the other author.
Gennifer Eccles
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Lara K. The ending was soo sad.But it was very realistic.
lifebymaddie Not at ALL, unfortunately. The epilogue was written in summary, and it was rushed. It all felt anticlimactic, predictable, and rushed. Such a disappointment, because I liked the first book and loved the second, and I was hoping the third would be the best!
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Divsha Mittal i know its 2020 and yall arent gonna be reading this now but yeah. i was a sucker for alex and lillia in the first book, but then the authors introduced reeve and lillia. and pls i fell in love with them. theyve been through so much omg theyve battled ghosts, almost died, had rennie die, and theve been through that together. this entire relationship took like 2 books to build and lil ends up w alex in the end? im sorry what- its been 6 years so it isnt likely the authors will write an alternative ending, but im still hoping! i swear i was depressed for a month after the last book
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Mia I remember reading the trilogy a few years ago, and when I read the ending I cried so much. It made me so sad.
But it was also the perfect ending.
It would have been wrong to have everything go as it should be. Lil and Alex ending up together made you remember this book and talk about it, and though Reeve and Lilia will always be the best couple (OH GOD HOW I LOVED THEIR LOVE) it wouldn't be the same if they ended up together. Mary was so terrible oh my gosh!!!
I don't really care about Kat.
The ending was bittersweet, and that's how life really is.
Cleo z KvětinkovéKnihy Not at all. It was so bad I had to write my own ending. You can read it in Czech on my blog. I'll leave the link below. (If you want to, I might translate it to EN.)

Vůbec ne. Bylo to tak špatné, že jsem musela napsat svůj vlastní konec. Můžete si ho přečíst česky na mém blogu. Dole nechám odkaz.
Sophie Stewart
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Nicole Totally disappointed by the ending.
Melaniejsalyer The ending wrapped up a little too quickly after such a gripping tri-plot trilogy.
Elizabeth Ripple
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Sydney No! I wanted Lillia and Reeve to be together but I was so confused with the end. I don't know if Lillia got together with Alex and why didn't Reeve visit her in Boston or something? They had so much potential as a couple, they're clearly made for each other. I didn't understand the epilogue at all. I expected more from the ending.
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Byha I felt exactly the same after putting down that last book
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