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Which is better? The film or the book. The book is darker than the film. Go see the film. The characters stay with you. Lots of one liner philosophy.

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Mary Hogan This is one of the few times I saw the movie BEFORE reading the book. Wish I hadn't. The movie was funny and sweet, but the book had the depth and heart that so many movies miss. Book is definitely better. Don't think this is a spoiler to say that the BOOK scene where Judd walks in on his wife was so heartbreakingly funny I reread it over and over.
Jillian Dark? Really? I think that is a stretch. I found it realistic in many ways, funny in others and I couldn't put it down. I am sure the movie will be a lighter version, but I definitely wouldn't pass on reading the book. I read it in two days (while traveling).
Kristen I really like the book version much better than the movie. The movie was tame compared to the book. I laughed a lot reading the book.
Jeanette Seeing very few movies, I still think I will take this advice and see the movie. Many dark books, such severe dark news in our times. Seems that my choice is to seek toward aspiration with inspiration rather than deterioration or negation at this low bar juncture. Thanks, Gail.
Sue Diveley I thought the book was interesting. The movie was pretty bad. Of course, I read the book before the movie, so the movie did seem to lack depth.

Malinda I did not like the book very much. Definitely one of those books that was better when played out on screen. All you get from this book is a constant reminder of how horny the protagonist is.
Parastou Kohvaei The shorter the better ;)
Ian Gillespie I think the answer depends on which you did first: read the book or saw the movie. If you read the book first, the casting of the film - and the changes to the story, which are understandable for the screen version - probably won't reflect how you imagined the characters. And vice versa. I found, having read the book first, that the film, while entertaining, has no lasting impact: it was a pleasant hour and a half, but i's not one I'll be thinking about in the future. And that's said as someone who was frustrated by the book.
Erik Heter I like the book better, but that is in no way a sleight on the movie, which I thought was excellent in its own right. While watching the movie, I felt all of the emotional swings I felt while reading the book. I guess I would say the main difference, at least from my perspective, is that the book felt somewhat comical with a melancholy undertone while the movie kind of flipped that - melancholy with a comical undertone (others here see that differently, but maybe that's something that's great about it).

Either way, I would give both my strongest possible recommendations to both the book and the movie.
Marian I enjoyed both but much preferred the book for depth of characters and the circumstances that lead to their relationships being what they are.
Andreadl The book was much better. I laughed out loud at a few points in the book barely a smile or two from the movie) and felt much more involved with the characters in the novel versus the movie. Typical for movies where there is so much lost in condensing the writing.
Carrie I definitely think the book is better. It is more detailed and allows you to get a better feel for the characters and their actions. There were definitely adaptations for the screen and some of them didn't necessarily work for me. I would definitely recommend seeing the movie though. I thought it was quite enjoyable and I thought Adam Driver as Phillip was superb!
Oh and I agree with Marylene, the way the Judd/Alice basement scene differs between book and movie was a big shocker.
Marylene I definitely thought the book was so much better. It was more detailed. The movie definitely missed a lot of the little side stories and changed some of the scenes from what actually happened in the book. The part that shocked me the most was when Alice came to see Judd in the basement and came onto him. i suggest seeing the movie as well as reading the book! both were very funny and very good, but definitely different.
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