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I can't figure out how Lothaire's father impregnated his mother if he had not found his bride yet. Was it before he had frozen into immortality? He also had a human mistress when lothaire's mother left. Stefanivich was already king so he must have been strong and already frozen into immortality, right? Thanks

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Kamen Stefanivich was not frozen into immortality when he sired Lothaire. In fact Ivana makes the comment,

“I knew I only had so long with him before his heart stopped its beating. Now I question whether he has a heart at all.”

He wasn't king because he was the most powerful, he was king because of his bloodline. If it was up to being the most powerful Lothaire would most likely already control the Horde. I hope you found this helpful :)
Shawn Hilton It's actually said through out the books a natural born Vampire can have sex during feeding, he just won't get pleasure from the act, I am assuming that he was keeping her as a blood doll and having sex with her would ingraine the human to him more with her lust, Lust like any emotion can go one way.
Alice Yes, the explanation for Lothaire existence is as Kamen said. But there is still the question of human mistress. I still can't figure it out.

Assuming Lothaire's father already immortal when he had human mistress, then he can't mate with the human since he's "dead". And I must underline that the human is not merely a pet but "mistress". So aside from drinking her blood, he also mate with her. As Ivana said,

"That you drink from their skin is foul enough, but to mate with their bodies? Have you no shame?"

So, is there anybody can explain why Lothaire father can mate with human while his "equipment" not working? Or is it purely a glitch?
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