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Do you guys think he's going to get to the Chandrian in full force next book or are we going to get more Harry Potter?

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Linda Barnett Actually, I don't care - it's so refreshing to read books that don't conform to formula that I'll be happy wherever the story takes me.
طارق (Tarek)
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Todd Williams I sure hope so. A little less "I did this, then I met Denna, gosh she's confusing, then I did this and then met Denna, gosh she's confusing, and then...." would be great.
Peter What...you don't love 100s of pages of soft-core porn masquerading as an adventure story?
There Most likely the third book will only bring us to the present time. And there will be another trilogy dealing with present day Kvothe and Chandrian. Otherwise i don't see how else everything can be resolved /answered in just one more book ,even a 1000 page one.
Boy Blue I'm still just disappointed that we don't even know The Name Of The Wind yet. I was thinking something like 'Bill', or if to be more exotic, something like 'Zephyrus'.
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Francogrex as much as i enjoyed reading the first book, this second one was very much childish harry potter. so yeah, I'm passing on the rest.
Kenneth Probably just more Harry Potter. Even if Kvothe does finally get expelled, it will take Rothfuss at least 300 pages to write it...
Marlowe In Wise Man's Fear, they talk about whether mentioning the Chandrian's names could summon them. I think that makes it pretty clear that Kvothe won't kill them.

What he *will* do will be quite interesting to see. After so much set up, it seems like he has to do something regarding the Chandrian, but it's hard to see how he could without retconning that conversation in Wise Man's Fear.

I do think the story is planned out, so Rothfuss might add one extra book if he finds his material expanding more than he had anticipated, but I think full Harry Potter is unlikely. I think we'll just learn what makes the series called the "Kingkiller Chronicler," and why, and it will end there. Perhaps with the Chandrian winning, explaining why the narrator Kvothe is so broken.
Linda Curley
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Rodrigo Caetano
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Aaron Bold to assume we'll see the next book.
Castle. V.G. I will rather have the full force of Chandrian going out on Kvothe. Not another Harry Potter like scenes. Book Two is like the set up, where Kvothe is trained.
He called the name of the wind here. He practiced a language and most of all trained in close combats with the Adem. Patrick is setting up a grand war and that is what I will be expecting.
Giota I'm only halfway through "The Wise Man's Fear" but I'm hoping for the former. The knowledge he's already acquired at the University seems to be enough for him to deal with almost anything Arcanum related so far, now the only thing he's missing in order to go after the Chandrian is some training in fighting, which is why I'm guessing Rothfuss got him out of the University.
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