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Aniket Harsh asked:

I have read the entire Wheel of Time and Malazan Book of the fallen but ended them with mixed feelings. Should I go for the Sword of Truth series?

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Oneeyed I have to agree with Avaminn. This series feels subpar compared to Jordan or Erikson's works. So I very much doubt you'd like it. Goodkind is very derivative of Tolkien, even more so than Jordan, but without any flair or talent.
I had a hard time even finishing the first book and it's kind of obsessive with me to finish every book I start... so yeah it was pretty bad.
Avaminn F'nett Probably not. The writing of Malazan and Wheel of Time is much better. (I've read all of Wheel of Time and half of Malazan) You can try reading the first book to see if you like it, but I found it to be hilariously bad - and I have heard the series gets worse as it goes on.
Animelover117 I'm going to diverge from what most people here are saying and say: YES! I find Goodkind's writing better than Jordan's(I haven't read the other series you mentioned) and I suspect that if you enjoyed WoT, you will enjoy SoT. I think the ending will give you a bit more closure and fewer mixed feelings than with WoT, that was my experience anyway.

One Caveat, the Sword of Truth series was supposed to end with Confessor, and it is my personal believe that the more recent books (Omen Machine, Third Kingdom, and Severed souls), because they were just kinda tacked on at the end, are of much lower quality. Sword of Truth is definitely one of my top 3 favorite book series, and I couldn't even finish reading Omen Machine. What I have heard from friends regarding what happens in the books gives me the impression that Goodkind may be trying to compete with Game of Thrones, instead of writing his own way.

I also highly recommend The Law of Nines, by the same author.
Paula Pattison I hated Wheel of Time (twice got to about book 3 before giving up) and Malazan (twice didn't finish book one) but am enjoying Sword of Truth so maybe that's your answer.
Suzanne Berget
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Simone Read the first few but skip the rest. The series starts off great, but gradually turns into thinly disguised rants of his views on socialism vs democracy. And not even well-argued.
Ron Hole I made it to about book six. It was then that I had had enough of Richard - perhaps the most intellectually challenged "hero", reluctant or otherwise, whose story I have ever read.

It becomes unbelievable that he can even survive himself let alone his very accomplished enemies.

Dave Wheel of Time descended into drivel for about 10,000 pages (no exaggeration) before Brandon Sanderson brought it to a very decent close.

Goodkind feels like an even lower quality derivative. The writing and pacing are similar to Wheel of Time of the Shannara series, but everything seems more juvenile. I abandoned after a few hundred pages when my library hold for The Name of the Wind finally came around.

I couldn't take Goodkind seriously. He sounds like an obnoxious human being who thinks pretty highly of himself.
Brendan no. this is drivel compared with LOTR or the Wheel of Time which it copies. Frankly I think that you would be better just restarting the WOT, although I agree that half the books in the middle contain nothing but candyfloss and I had a problem with the size of the black ajah etc.
Ralph Folkes I think it all depends on what you like. I like WoT series for its complexity and large cast of characters, but that is also its downfall as it can all get confusing and you can easily get lost, Add to that problem if you were reading when it came out the time delay between books could leave you either re-reading or looking for synopsis of past books and/or just relying on the author to rehash past events to refresh your memory (something I generally don't like)

SoT is much more independent in that while one book might play into the next and there is generally a cliffhanger it is nothing like the empty feeling at the end of a WoT book. You can read a book and wait some time to read the next book and not feel totally lost. SoT has a much smaller character cast, but I think they are better developed and feel more "real" then some of the WoT characters.
Mark Whelan I thoroughly enjoyed the writing of Goodkind. There does seem to be some social commentary going on in places, but if you dismiss the views the stories are enjoyable. I was VERY disappointed in the last book just recently published Severed Souls, and the last three books overall. The rest of the series is written well enough to get the next book, but each book does reiterate the back story of Richard and Kahlan for new readers. I have not read the Wheel of Time nor the Malazan Book, but I will add them to the top of my list and comment again after reading them. There are worse books you could spend your time reading.
Jimmy Okay like must of us, I have read all of Jordan and Sanders Wheel of time series. I've also read all of Terry Goodkinds sword of truth series from Wizard's First Rule to Warheart. I have not read the two books from the Nicci Chronicles. I did enjoy Goodkinds works and keep in mind that Wizard's First Rule was his first book and to book I believe he has Dyslexia, which is cool because I too have a learning disability. Anyway, I never base my decision on reading a book on what people say. I am sure by now you have read Wizard's First Rule. But if not, go to the library and borrow it and read the first 10 chapters. The book pulled me in and I've read the series 3 times. I was sad about the TV show. Anyway, happy reading.
Richard I've tried reading others but really do like SOT and just couldn't get into WOT. I must say I'm new to epic fantasy and may not be as well read as others.For example now i'm reading Martins Ice and fire series and it's ok but i'm having to push my way through it and didn't have to with SOT. I guess I like the way Goodkind writes and how he lets his feelings of the world show in his books.

As the saying goes that's what make the world go round! Thanks for reading!!
Patricia Meyers I liked Wizards First Rule and will continue to read more of this series.
Diana Paprotny I haven't been able to finish reading the first WoT book. I keep trying, but it's just not enjoyable. I've reread the entire SoT series at least 10 times. If you didn't like the other series, I'd suggest at least giving the first book a shot.
YourWorstNightmare I could not get into the Wheel of Time series at all. It just seemed awful. The Sword of Truth series is much better written and has much more relateable characters.
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