Lisa asked Teresa Joyce Jackson:

When's the sequel coming out? I thank you so much for choosing me as a good reads winner, but know I'll be getting withdrawal symptoms if you don't have it out soon!

Teresa Joyce Jackson Hi Lisa,

You managed to pay me the highest compliment within your question. I thank you for that!

I wish I could give you a firm date when Book 2, “Smothered by Light,” will be released. My hope is to release it sometime during “Simivisionios” or “time of brightness” next year. (May/June, 2015 - according to the Coligny Calendar.) This would be an appropriate time as Book 2 revolves around the full moon, when goddess is her brightest. Also, as you can guess from Book 2’s title, a “time of brightness” is an important element.

Aishling, Kelile, Morrigan, and Lance have such a complex story to tell in the “Mystic Gates” series that I want to get it right; but, as their official “storyteller,” I struggle to keep up with them! However, I’m working on what I keep calling in my head the “in-betweens” – a bit of what happens between the four teens, between each book. I haven’t decided whether to put this on my website, or have a mailing list sign-up so that those who have already read “Dead Moon Awakens” and know what’s going on will enjoy the “in-betweens” better, and this extra feature will make more sense. (Well, I guess I just answered my own question! Mailing list it is.) I’ll be sure to let you know when the first “in-between” is ready as well as how to sign up on the mailing list if you want to. In the meantime, check out my website – There are a few extra features on there now, and I’m working on adding more in the future. Best wishes, Lisa, and happy reading!

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