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I really like this book because it shows that don't judge people by how they look or what they like. I think everyone should read this book even adults because it teaches a good lesson.

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Essi Ikonen Dany: I see where you are coming from, but the book can be interpreted in a lot of ways actually. You say Auggie got a medal for nothing, but if you really read the book you know that he was given a medal because the headmaster recognized his struggles were especially hard on him. It might give people the image that disabled people are special and that they should be treated more special than 'normal' people but I don't see it that way. I don't think anyone who has not lived with a visible disablity can tell how a person with that has to go through in a world where your outer appearance has so much signifigance. The schools these days award children with medals for whatever achievements they value and giving a medal to a boy who faced his fears and managed to pull through the year even though he was bullied seems like a good choice to me.

As for Julian not having his own chapter I partly agree with you. It was not fair but judging by the way he acted I think it would not have been pretty to read. Julian to me seems like a bit of a bad stereotype but I know there are people like him in the world. Still, I think he was also a human too. The author wanted to give the reader the power to judge him. But we must of course do this cautiously because we do not know all the facts when it comes to him. It could have been that he was going through something else which resulted in him trying to seek attention. I guess he could have been forgiven in the end if he had only asked for forgiveness like Jack did, but he never did admit hurting Auggie's feelings.

The book could have taken the bully's perspective more into account, I agree, but to say that this book is about hating on bullies and not forgiving them is wrong. What Jack said was extremely horrible, and yet Auggie wanted to forgive him. Also, the other boys who first bullied him but later defended him were forgiven, so that shows the book is not about holding a grudge.
Cricket Muse The medal was not so much about Auggie’s disabilities, instead, it was about his ability to generate kindness within the students. The headmaster recognized how Auggie brought out the better side of people, that they finally developed compassion versus being judgmental. Auggie’s perseverance to adjust to school helped the students adjust their attitude towards him. As Auggie grew, so did the students. The recognition is about how one person (Auggie) changed many (the other students), and he wasn’t aware he was doing it. Auggie’s winsome personality won people over.
Gianna G. Yes I agree with you very much. Wonder is a great book and teaches lessons. This book can be read by any body.
Paxie Yes,I soooooo agree!!! See, the time Auggie first stepped in school, he was nervous, but he had friends supporting him. This shows that they did not care how he looked, but only became his friend because of the extrodinary personality he had! And I recommend to watch the movie! (I REALLY WANT TO WATCH IT!!!)
Raiann That's not a question...
Zaniyya Woodard true dattttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jonah I like those kinds of lessons that are reallistic
Eleanor McKee Mine was August too
patsy essenmacher Would this book be appropriate for a 3rd grader?
Rosie agree its sad i'm still reading tho
Kadie I love this book! I am reading it at school and I have lots of tests on it. Can someone give me a sentence about Auggie with a determiner in it plz? Its for schoolwork! Thank You! x
Sara I agree with you. It is an amazing book. It teaches lessons that people need to learn.
the worst person you've never met I see that the understanding of what a question is hasn't improved.
Fianna Hansen i agree Ps2. I think you are being very reasonable.
Sarah Starfish Spencer good lesson but reallllllllly boring
Booklover456 I agree :) That is very true.
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