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Does anyone else find this book a little dumbed-down for historical fiction? I'm only on Chapter 2 and I'm losing interest fast...

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Fiona For heavens sake, this isn't really historical fiction! The title is misleading some of you out there. It's a beautifully and cleverly written work of fantasy loosely inspired by an old Eastern European vampire folk tale. I don't usually read this sort of fiction because ever since reading Anne Rice's over-rated Interview with the Vampire, and the subsequent over-reaction to what was in essence a pretty mediocre book, I was totally put off by the modern versions of this genre. The Historian has changed all that. A really good piece of intelligent fantasy, vividly written.
Nachiket No, the book really gets interesting after a while. Be a little peristent with few more chapters and you would see rewards reaping! And it is not dumbed down. The author has really done a lot of research!
Sangeet Kaur push on because I promise you won't be disappointed! The author was amazing, the backdrop, the story line and the general feeling you get from reading this book is just wicked!
Erin McG I pushed on through to half-way. I still find myself dreading to read it. Ugh. No thank you.
Denise I''m at that point now where the story has really picked up. Thank you for all your previous comments because otherwise after just a couple of chapters I too probably would've been giving serious thought as to this book being a good choice to read, I was wrong though and my only regret is not enough time to read as much as I would like. Each chapter keeps getting better and I can't wait to see how it all ends. Or does it end???? hmmm it is Dracula after all....
Nageen It depends on your level of interest in the topic. If you really are interested, it is one of the best written. So you have to be a bit patient with the over written parts.
SpookySoto It's awful, I don't like it at all
Cristy I couldn't finish it. I was 3/4 the way and I lost interest. I first heard clips thru audible.com and that's how I heard about it. I think it was more interesting then so maybe I'll listen to the rest.
N D This is one of the most unintelligent books I have ever read. The first chapter was quite promising and held suspense and potential for some intriguing characters and a journey through history. I could not have been more disappointed with the drudgery of the storytelling, poorly developed characters, and vacuous recasting of history. Life is too short to read books this poorly written and executed.
Stacey Lim I made myself read the entire thing. I've not had less fun reading a book in a long, long time.
Jane I enjoyed the descriptive prose and development of geography and characters, but this was certainly a ponderous read. I wanted to quit many times but did finish. Don't know if I'll pick another of hers. She's certainly an intelligent, strong writer.
Lisa Tankersley This is hardly historical fiction. I thought it was wonderful, and have recommended it to many of my fellow readers, all of whom LOVED it!
Pauline Swann Zivanovic Won't be recommending this one! Truly disappointed!
Mystique I thought it was awful.
Arp The history portion is lacking. Or at least it's not all that interesting.
Vaishali Muzumdar If you like to live in imaginary world of vampire, werewolf, witchcraft..it is your book but if you don't you will not like it I don't like romance I get bored in Mills & Boons or even Nora Roberts etc it is not historical book this is horror something like Stephen King or Vampire dairies you have selected wrong book it is perfect for me but wrong for you if you want to read history fiction
Francesca Y Exactly my point. After some 16% of Kindle volume I lost interest, although the beginning was promising. But this is not literature.
Arka Chakraborty this is pseudo garbage..superficial intellectualism is on a rise
Lee I'm about 40% through and it is getting more interesting. Took a while to get up to speed, though.
Nancy DeFrane So far I really like it!
Deborah Ruth no honey, just you
Robyn I had the same problem but a little later in the book. I left it alone for a week, went back and haven't been able to put it down again
Adnana Dason You might be also interested in the original Romanian story: http://bit.ly/XiyE4B
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