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We are looking for discussion questions for our book club on this book. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Kunni Biener why does such an important topic deserve such a crap book?
Shanna Thomas The mother/daughter relationship could really be explored here, Maisie with Liz, then Liz with Ashley. Compare and contrast their relationships.

Discuss Clayton and Liz's relationship with a gay son, IV; did the author portray this realistically?

Why was Ashley so desperate to have a high profile partner and willing to sacrifice her personal beliefs and desires for him? Was Ashley accurately portrayed as a millennial?
Marian We hear of spouses being abused but what about parents abusing children or parent abuse? Is enough being done to for awareness to stop it.
Susan Here are some discussion questions I came up with for our book club.
1. How do you like her writing style? Light and easy, with some humor thrown in? Or too much fluff?
2. This novel explored the subject of abuse both from a charity/support side as well as a victim side. Do you think she did a good job with this?
3. What did you think was the message about family she was trying to give? (Quirky characters, issues with each other…)
4. Did you find the characters likable? Maisie, Skipper, Clayton, Liz, Ashley, Ivy, Mary Beth, Spencer
5. How did you like the rotating point-of-view narrative style? One review said, “it results in a lack of depth and leaves the reader wanting more.” Do you feel that way too?
6. Infidelity is another topic she brings into the story. Do you think it was realistically portrayed?
7. Do we ever get 2nd chances?
8. What about all the relationships? Are your own like these?
Parent/child, Sibling, Friends, Marriage
9. Let’s discuss forgiveness as it played a part in the book.

10. The book ended with them living happily ever after. Is that how you think it should have ended?
Heather Piper What can you do as a book group to help prevent domestic violence?
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