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Ged Gillmore asked:

Am I the only person who struggled with The Famished Road? The reviews were so glittering but I couldn't read more than a page without wondering if it was going to be over yet. No plot etc. Anyone got anything to inspire me to carry on with it?

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Naiara Not at all. I managed to get to the end but it has been a struggle. I must say I really enjoyed the first pages and the last pages. I also enjoyed most of the aspects of the book regarding down to earth issues, like the sections of he politicians and all the thoughts around that specially at the end of the book. But i had enough of lizards, cats, men with 4 heads and spirits. I appreciate the effort to find a tone for the book and I admire the way it is written, but I didn’t connect with it.
Sandy I struggled to complete this book, and was only able to finish because I believed the reviews. I don't care for this type of fantasy, but thought this book might encourage a new taste. The parties and fights became rather tiresome as they continued on and on. I wish I had spent my time on a book I liked.
Fantastyczny Tygrys Same here, read about 100 pages and just couldn't bring myself to continue.
Niraj Just seen you posted this comment 5 years back, so you have probably finished it by now! ... but if you just had to put it down because you couldn't take the Groundhog Day feel of the whole novel, I'd say plough on because Okri does write some glittering prose later on into the novel and finally some sort of a message/shaft of light breaks through towards the end of the novel. But I sympathise - it was a tough read for me, and Okri's editor should have really stepped in and brutally cut stuff out and cut the whole thing down!
Mary I’ve had this book on my shelf for a few years. I’m struggling to get through the first few chapters with all the fantasy or “magical realism” or whatever. I lived in Nigeria for a year, so I’m interested in reading the everyday life of the story, if it’s there!
Ella Quing I am still ploughing my way through the book and must admit that I am struggling to finish it. However, the first few pages caught my interest, especially with the idea of Abiku. It was something I have also read in Things Fall Apart and that's what made me interested in the Famished Road. I'm on page 276 and I agree that it does feel as if there's no plot and the chapters dealing with Azaro's hallucinations with the spirits (if we could call it that) left me very confused and frustrated. But I continue to read on because I really want to know what will happen to the characters in the book, especially to the photographer.

If it helps, I am the kind of person who would immediately leave a book unfinished if I do not like it or if I find it too dull, however, there is something about the famished road that is making me hold on to it.
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