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Does every one of her books deal with rape? It gets old. Try something else to write about Alice.

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Amber What an awful, awful thing to say.

On top of that: Do you even know the story of how she wrote Lucky. Of how she was writing her novel and stopped for years to do this work to make sure she was telling her characters story cleanly? I mean wow, I am just absolutely shocked and floored by this question.

Please read this poem and consider thinking about being so flippant and out-of-line about such questions as these: "To the Guy in the Back of the Room, Complaining About Listening to Another Rape Poem:" http://brennatwohy.tumblr.com/post/95...
Colin Her last book, The Almost Moon doesn't deal with rape. Also I'm glad you deleted your account, you fucking asshole.
Maëlys She was raped and that's something that haunts you for life. Think about what you're going to say before asking a damn stupid question.
Christie Curtis The reason rape is written about on a frequent basis by a variety of authors, Alice Sebold included, is because of the overwhelming statistics relating to the amount of women who have been sexual assaulted. It represents a realistic account of how deprived people can be. Comments like yours is extremely rude to those who have suffered as a result of such treatment, it is not 'old' to them its a constant battle they have to fight against and writing about it is a way in which they can deal with what has happened. It's your choice to read it, maybe authors such as Alice Sebold have to write about it as part of their healing process.
Claire i am so happy that none of the comments below tried to defend this person. the empathy here makes the post-election world seem a little brighter than it's been shining as of late.

it must be nice for this commenter ^ to be able to stop thinking about rape and sexual assault; survivors of sexual assault rarely enjoy the same luxury. consider the experiences of other people with as much respect and seriousness as you do your own.
Dj Rape NEVER "gets old". Perhaps try reading a book on empathy.
Jeanine This is an account of a personal experience and survival. And no, not each of her books deal with rape.
Alexis Kastigar Rape for any individual is incredibly traumatic. It's a total affront and brutal assault of their entire world. They feel dirty, worthless, like they deserved such violence as this. It takes them years, sometimes a lifetime, to come to terms with the fact that they are lovable and that what happened happened TO them and not BECAUSE of them. Making grandeur statements like this shows how close-minded you, and others, are to how detrimental rape is, because it isn't just a single act in someone's life, it becomes a part of their identity. So yes, while many of her books may be about her rape, they are, more accurately, a reflection of how deep-rooted the shock of rape is, the struggle for survival and healing, and the glorification of being able to embody such a horrific instance into something that can give you power and purpose.
Olivia L. I have never been raped, but rape is an horrific tragedy that stays with you forever and, I imagine, alters your perception of the world. (Which is one of the reasons TLB and Lucky affected me so much -- Alice Sebold opened my eyes to the universality and ubiquitousness of violence.) Writers write about what they know, about what occupies their mind -- I imagine there is little else more haunting than rape.
camila dick head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Em Laurie that is so bloody insensitive
Violeta M. Bagia Yeah I must say, this is a pretty petty response. For one, everyone deals with their experience in their own way. For her, as with many others, writing about it is healing. Think about that before you jump on and sound like a complete moron.
Jude Rape, like many other tragedies, can define how someone looks at the world for the rest of their life. If someone is brave enough to not only address rape in one book on such a personal level, but includes the topic in other works they should be applauded, thanked, praised, and above all RESPECTED. Rape turns someone's life into a war zone. Are you in the victim's army, or the rapist's? Your comment makes it sound awfully like you're on the rapist's side. You have absolutely no right to say things like that and you should be ashamed of your cruelty and disrespect for such an amazing author.
Barb If you don't like it, don't read it! How insensitive!
Elena Leyva I know this was years ago but Oh.my.god. how insensitive can you be? this story "lucky" is about HER story what happen to HER the author and the lovely bones was based on a true story you twit. SMFH don't read it if its such a problem
Shannon Hovey Her best novel, The Almost Moon, does not deal with rape. But maybe if you'd been raped, you'd understand the need to write about it.
Quattro It seems so, she bases it all on sending one innocent man to prison, ruining his life https://twitter.com/AlexandraDixon/st...
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