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I got this book a couple of years ago and started reading it but stopped . Is this book worth finishing?

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Joanne I totally disagree with Jessica (no offence!) I don't think it's just a question of being a good friend or not, or even putting the guy before a friendship. I think it just shows that in life you do have to make choices that will affect you. Rachel had two choices, choose the guy or loyal to a friendship she had outgrown. She had started to see the true lies of her friend who she had always put first previously, and for once was actually true to herself and her own feelings. I honestly don't think the firmed who have thought twice about doing it to her. Two wrongs don't make a right but I guess until your in a situation like that, you never know what you would do. If the couple had have got married then I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have lasted and who's to say Rachel wouldn't have got fed up with her friendship being taken for granted in a few hrs anyway?! I quite like the fact it wasn't you're usual uncomplicated predictable love story. I couldn't put the book down!
Jess Eh, not really. It's pretty clear how it's going to end and it's wholly unsatisfying, because all the characters are terrible. The overarching moral of the story is, you're happiest with a man in your life, even if it sacrifices your oldest friendship in the process, cause being in a relationship is way more important. It's a pretty gross story. Just my opinion.
Astrid B. I know this is old, but I wanted to add my two cents anyway, since I forgot I read this book until I was looking through genres rating things/looking for new books I might like.

I don't think the moral theme of this story is you're happier with a man in your life at all. I don't think it's even a book about horrible friends, because they weren't that horrible and they did love each other, but Darcy's a little selfish, which is common and which Rachel has allowed. It wasn't an easy decision for the character to make and it wasn't an 'I'm gonna take your man to feel better about myself' scenario. He liked her first, noticed her first, wanted her first, but Hurricane Darcy swept in and kind of dazzled him and as usual Rachel let Darcy have him, because that's what she was used to doing, stepping back and letting Darcy have the attention and be the center of it all. They probably should never have even gotten to this stage in their relationship, they were clearly a couple who were comfortable in the known and Darcy clearly wanted a nice pretty life and a nice pretty wedding with the nice safe pretty husband instead of going out and finding a relationship that was actually better suited to her and what she really, truly wanted in life. Though I don't think she really knew, but that's getting into Something Blue territory and I don't want to do that.

I would be upset at Rachel if she did what she did and wasn't in love with the guy, like really honestly in love. I'd have been upset if she did it to spite Darcy or get back at her, to hurt her in any way or even to reclaim some of the attention she had been willingly stepping away from in favor of pushing Darcy to the front. She didn't do it for any of those reasons though. Sometimes in life shit just doesn't work out how you thought it would, I think this is one of those things. Who on Earth would honestly want to tell the story of how they met and end with "and then he dated my best friend for a couple years and they got engaged and while helping plan their wedding I slept with him and tried to put it behind me but that's when I discovered that I had feelings for him" for fucks sake? That's embarrassing, and what the hell would you tell your kids? No, I don't think Rachel did it just because she wanted a man in her life, or because she was a shit friend, obviously she is the opposite of a shit friend, she's had a lifelong codependent friendship for crying out loud, putting Darcy first for years and years.

I can forgive the bad decisions because life is messy, and this was an interesting read reflecting that and not your typical boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, trouble ensues, boy saves/helps girl from/out of or figures out said troubles for girl so that boy and girl can live happily ever after with a tidy little epilogue showing them 2-15 years later while girl is either pregnant or they are blissfully domesticated in their happily ever after-land.
Begi Tulga First I read something blue, then i came to know there's another one called something borrowed and read it. It was nice to see the both perspective and u can't really take sides. I liked it.
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