Alexandria asked:

Is there any possibility of there being more than 3 books? I got the impression that this is a trilogy, yet there seems to be so much more in the story... Like Kote's return to becoming Kvothe(because seriously, I hope that happens), and maybe the story of the present time..... For the life of me, I can't imagine how Rothfuss can fit so much story into one book... I just hope Doors of Stone is really long lol.

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Stan I'm not sure there's much hope of it ever being a complete trilogy, let alone something more. His website consists of posts on all sorts of topics, pictures of him at book signings (and with hordes of young women around him), and nothing about the third book. I think he has gotten so wrapped up in being a well-known author that he has no time to write. The seduction of fame...
Karl If it is another trilogy, then I will start reading it ten years after release. At least that way I wont have to wait on tenterhooks for years.
Jumper RBK No, the book ended at book 2. No more book. Series dead.
Levi Hardwick If there is more than 3 books, you can expect book 4 with the proliferation of cold fusion reactors in personal spaceships.

INB4 this comment is 4 years old and still no one has read Doors of Stone.
john doe If so it would be cool to do some prequels with other characters, Denna for example seems to be main character material, or Elodin
Øyvind Liberg Yes, the next book is the last part of this arc of the story but Rothfuss has planned another trilogy set in the same world.
Peter I think there is no possibility of there being three books, let alone more than three.
Alexandria Oh yes, I've long given up on this series years ago.
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