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I stopped reading it. It seemed really boring to me. I couldn't get involved in it at all. Seemed kind of juvenille...the fact that the main character writes for the really bad children tv shows didn't help...

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Lucia Lazorova Landline nominated for one of the best books of the 2014...this is joke, right?
Rob Collier Thank you.

I saw this had won the Goodreads Choice Award over The Bone Clocks, which I thoroughly enjoyed, so figured it must be an awesome book. I bought it without hesitation.

74 pages in and I've had to give up. What an absolute load of rubbish. The prose is consistently rudimentary; the plot frustratingly linear.

How on earth did this win over the likes of The Bone Clocks?

Maria C. I managed to read it and felt relieved OMG what a boring book. Really lacking in substance and adult writing so identifying as a juvenile book makes sense.
MaryAlice I do not think she wrote for children's TV shows; sitcoms revolving around families, specifically with teenagers in them.
I did finish reading the the novel because I wanted to know how the "magic phone" worked.

I applaud anyone who can write and publish a book, because I could not, so loathe to say, "ho hum," but Landline was that. It might have been more interesting if the mother explained about her 4-year-old's pretending to be a cat, complete with (annoying) meow conversations.

Also, I expected there to be more humor coming from the comedy writers; the bits here and there did not tickle my funny bone.
Susan Would not have gotten through this if I had not been listening to the audiobook in the car and had a lot of errands to run. Felt like I was trapped in a room and had to listen to someone else's conversation for hours.
Mindy I just finished the book, I don't know why it was voted as one of the best books of 2014. It was painfully boring and the ending was so not worth it. I only finished it because I don't like to leave things unfinished, don't waste your time!
Lydia I finished it. And it got better, way, way better by the end, but why make us wait? It was not what I had hoped for after
Eleanor and
Park, which I loved.
Cats Read Manga, Too I couldn't finish the novel either. Reading books shouldn't be a chore especially for a lover of books like me.
Lori I enjoyed it, quite a lot. I thought it was fun. I loved the "Back to the Future" element.
Kenny Bellew I'm thinking of abandoning this book. I've given it an hour, and I'm not enjoying the mundane argument between her and her husband-- an hour of reading and this the main plot tension. I expected a lot more seeing the awards this book won. Does the plot fantastically turn into something more interesting?
Monica I'm only on page 36 and I'm having a hard time. I just seems so boring to me. There doesn't seem to be anything that catches me and I really dislike the details of her sitcom writing job. She could have spared the details of that. I already find most sitcoms to be low budget acting/tv programing to have to hear the details of the dry humor remarks on the behind the scenes of working as a writer just turns me off even more. But I'm hoping it gets better.
Emmi I really really felt good on reading this book. People who like their family/their partner than everything will definitely enjoy this book.
Cheryl I felt the same way. It was a real let down after reading her other books.
Isabella Honestly, if anyone asks me if I'd recommend this book, I'd answer with a pretty loud "NO". Which is really sad, since I love Rainbow Rowell's writing :(

This book just didn't do it for me, and I don't think it got any better. It did have some interesting moments, but those moments don't make up for the entire thing.

I admit I voted for this book in the Goodreads Choice Award, but that was before I read it and it was because I'm a Rainbow Rowell fan and wanted to support her. After this happened, I think I'll only vote for the books that I actually DID read and like :P
Jennifer Maloney Glad it wasn't just me. I could barely make it 20% in and gave up. So so boring. I've liked other things this author has written too, which is curious. She seems to be really hit or miss as to whether her books are worth reading.
Hazel Really sad to see so many people did not find it enjoyable. But I guess we have our own tastes :)
Jayney I stopped reading it too; why get to the point in 2 paragraphs when you can use 2 chapters?!
Cricket Z She wrote sitcoms. Not kids TV shows.
Simone Same here! I really tried to keep listening to the audiobook but I got bored.
Izzy Excuse me Michelle, before you insult this book and incredible author I suggest you learn how to spell 'juvenile'. Stop being 'juvenille'!
Lo The main character doesn't write for "the really bad children tv shows," no idea what you're talking about. Your opinion would be more compelling if your "fact" were correct.
Cerenela (Cherry Books) I agree... the first 50 pages are terribly boring, I forced myself to continue, I haven't finished it yet but it got more interesting after that.
Jess Agreed! Terribly boring! To other readers out there...don't waste your time.
Radclyffe U-Haul This is more of a review than a question...
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