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For those of you who have read Dollbaby, is it worth the read? The characters seem interesting, but the writing is rather simplistic and I'm wondering why I should spend the time to finish this book?

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Betty Londergan Give it a miss -- the writing is not at a level you might expect, given the reviews, the characters are deeply cliched, and the drama is totally over the top.
Bill Don't bother. It sounds a lot better than it is. There are a whole lot of much better books by much stronger writers telling the same story with a whole lot fewer clichés. And they don't skate as close to racist stereotypes. If you want a truly unique southern tale, read the Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. Or The Invention of Wings. Or just reread To kill a Mockingbird. Anything that doesn't, when you're done, kinda make you a bit ashamed to be a southerner.
Arlene Walker The premise was promising, but it just didn't deliver for me. It was told in such a ho-hum manner. Even the parts that should have been exciting were not. They lacked guts and feelings. The word lackadaisical comes to mind.
Kathryn Unfortunately, no, it is not worth the read. I really wanted to like this book, but it is not a good representation of New Orleans, and the writing needs a great deal of work.
Deborah I actually listened to this, rather than reading it, so I appreciated that it might have been "simplistic". I thought the narrator was excellent, and the characters really came to life for me, and I did enjoy the way the story unfolded.
Mary Leavitt It is probably one of the weakest books of have read in a very long time. Characters are very weak and the plot is all over the place.
Chantal The main character is named Liberty Bell. The Grandmother asks what she should call her as she never liked the name. She also never liked the child's mother who married her son. If I say "Liberty Bell," Fanny, the Grandmother says, it will be like saying "ding dong."

Those humorous details are what makes the book special to me. If you like this in a book, than probably you like it.

I'm wondering what you find simplistic.
Laura Healy What an amazing book this is! A NEW ORLEANS story is hard to pass up, and this is Faulknerian.
Donna Magoun Wow I guess I am surprised more people didn't love this book, I thought it was really very good, written without guile and from a young viewpoint but really a book that kept me involved with the characters until the end
Lauren I liked it but there are much better reads out there. Not sure it was worth the hype and being voted as a runner up for best historical fiction of 2014.
Stephanie Definitely worth finishing. I'd say simplistic is a good way to describe it, however, I really fell in love with the characters and actually McNeal's writing as well.
Denise Secrets revealed. Worth reading to the end.
Michelle Jones YES!! It is great. The characters are so fun. It is a page turner and you won't regret I promise!!!! I have no idea what these people are talking about.
Nancy I am glad I read it. It isn't one of my top 10% books but it was worth my reading time. The characters are endearing, the city is fully described, and there are secrets to uncover. I can see where some areas could be flushed out but then it would be a much different book. This felt character and city-driven not era driven.
Izabella What are the full names of the main charaters in this book?
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