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Can anyone explain to me, why on Earth didn't Dresden ask Billy and the Alpha pack to help with Marvra's nest? Surely they would be more up to the task,than Murphy. The same with Michael - yes I know there have been "issues" with them in the past books, but that was kinda big deal to hit that nest and try to save people and kill Marvra....

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Christie Buchovecky Apart from the obvious Harry reason of him still thinking of them as kids, most of the Alphas are gone by this book (drifted apart after college except Billy, Georgia, Kirby, and Andy). Besides, wolves are close-quaters fighters and it's made pretty clear elsewhere in the book (i.e. Thomas getting beaten up) that a black-court vamp getting their hands on you leads to broken bones or worse - Murph and Kincaid for firepower actually does make more strategic sense.
Chelsea in Harry's eyes, the less innocent blood on his hands the better.
Anne Throughout this book, Harry mentioned protecting women. I just don't understand why he feels Murphy (who is both human and a woman) is a good choice for taking out the black vamps. He might have been better off asking Susan.
Fabiano Barreto This is a kind of plothole, but the werewolfes probably would be not organized enough in a operation like that, and the higher number of ppl means a higher possibilities of an mistake?

It would've been good to butcher at least had entertained the notion of requesting help from them, depending on what bob finded, after searching for mav.
Sasidharan I feel the answer must be. . DRESDEN is a man of conscience in this book, he says clearly to murphy that Micheal the knight has a kid he doesn't want another orphan harry.. but dresden knew the stakes were high even if Billy were strong and not human they were still too young to die as the danger is very real, unlike murphy after 2 divorces and mercenary knew the risk and ready to brace death.. not exact saying a smart decision but a right decision in the end hopefully ;)
Gabby Gilliam That's a really good question. The pack has proven themselves in the past, and werewolves seem to be natural enemies of vampires. I think he specifically mentions he doesn't want to drag Michael into anymore trouble, but I feel the wolves would have been a huge asset here.
Sharon Bocco Mavra told him he wasn't allowed to get help or tell anyone. He took the chance with Thomas.
Twinkle Murph is an adult and a strong human being- who is often good in a fight... Susan may be a vamp or mostly vamp but she seems too feminine in the way she is represented to be a fighter like Murphy... projection much... huh... something for me to think about
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