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How can all you people really dislike this book so much?! When I read a book I try to sit back, relax and enjoy it, which I did with this one; which I did not enjoy Angels and Demons. I think the people that hate this book just try to analyze instead of just plain reading. For me the story flowed really well. I like short sentences, what difference does that make as long as it makes sense.

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Mikayla I'm usually the same with books, I don't tend to over analyse to much. I just like to enjoy the book for what it is.

I loved The Da Vinci Code, and think I preferred it a little more than Angels & Demons. Though I think this is due to thinking this plot was more dragged out, stopping me from reading as quickly as I'd like. But never mind, it was still overall a great book.

What I like about the books the most is that rather than make you criticise religion as some people do, it just allows you to think about it a little more than usual. It just make you wonder in a light hearted way rather than punching you in the gut.
Steven Elliott When I read I too let myself just fall into the story, become part of it. As if I was an observer watching the story unfold, as if it was happening right in front of me.
Ian D I've read all 4 of Langdon books and this took me over 3 weeks to complete (when it's usually 3-4 days). After a while, the plot is a carbon copy of his previous works and it can become extremely repetitive and predictable. As others have stated, the weak motivation of the main villain and the exposition parts where characters sound like encyclopaedias make The Lost Symbol a very uneven read.
If it's your first novel by Dan Brown you'll probably like it, otherwise, you most likely won't.
Morgan Broadhead
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KatGirl It depends on your own opinion. Some of his books are appealing, and others are, more or less, pathetic. In. Some books, I know he could've done better and that the storyline had potential. Based on most reviews, people hate his verb tenses, repeating storylines with a murder full of lust, and a beautiful woman sidekick. It depends fully on opinion. I really enjoyed Inferno, The Da Vinci Code, and Angels and demons.
Kaitlyn As art is subjective and tastes vary person to person, two people might not like the same things. In fact, what one person likes, another person might dislike. Just because someone liked or disliked a piece of art doesn't mean they have consumed it wrong.

This YouTube video should help explain further.

For specific reasons why a person liked or disliked a book, I find it helpful to read their reviews.
Katerina I agree with you. Angels and Demons is one of the best books of Dan Brown. It is really interesting, with action and it has a lot of things to teach you.
Lars-Christian Elvenes
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Lilliana Mardeath Do what you want to do after it doesn't really matter what other people think!
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