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So am I made to believe that there are actually people who read this book and somehow hated Michael Pemulis?

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Jack Waters I named my car after the Peemster.
Matt I got a yachting cap after reading this book.
Malky "Yes, I'm paranoid. But am I paranoid enough?"
d Does he care about Hal? I think so, he looks out for him the way he thinks looking-out works. That's what counts. He himself is an abuser so he doesn't know better (wrt to pushing drugs on him). Or perhaps he just didn't want to be lonely in his drug habit and wanted to string Hal along.

Orin was the only character that was hateable, but even with him, there are question marks, i.e. potential explanations for his shittiness of character.
Also potentially Avril Incandenza, but if only we ever got a look into her mind like everyone else's.
Laura Hated? He's one of the best at ETA!
Matthew McKenna Pemulis is the Lord Henry Wotton of this story.
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Heather I don't think I hated any of the characters, except maybe the crew that put Gately in the hospital.
Chris Lewis Best character in the damn book next to Hugh/Helen Steeply
Suyash Jha 'Angst spasm due to paternal kertwang' is a phrase I'm borrowing from Pemulis for keeps
Kyle Dent Nah, it's impossible. But that bitch Ann Kittenplan...
Ben Flanagan Pem changed my life
Christopher Barclay I've known a kid like Pemulis in my life; charming, charismatic, witty, funny — I think the creepy section about him wearing a mask (idk around page 700 or 800 or something) is revealing about his character. Boswell's book "Understanding DFW" also discusses Pemulis's character and there's likely debate within the literary community as to *why* Pemulis had to be a villain. When Hal sees MP's true character—under the influence of the DMZ I think—it freaks him out and demonstrates that MP lacks empathy because he tries so hard to escape, hide from interpersonal relationships, manipulate people, fight to control, and so on. One of the strengths someone pointed out on Youtube was that IJ doesn't care about plot somuchas cracking open the psychologies of the characters and trying to diagnose what about life in America (our relationship to entertainment, self-pleasure, selfishness & individualism, irony, etc.) makes us deeply sad, and I'm glad that MP was a character. On a meta-level, we the audience are just as manipulated as the characters in the text by how charismatic and witty MP is.
Patrick Cunningham Wallace verbatim called him "the anti-Christ" of the story.
Isobelpoe orange faux-silk turtleneck
Andrew that's not possible
Alessandro I wanna buy a yachting cap
Kelly L Hobbins I liked Pemulis. I think toward the end, he had realized the issues Hal was having and wanted to talk with him because he was worried about him as a friend. He is also the one who stopped the urine police from collecting a sample, buying the boys time after the Eschaton debacle. Sure, he sold drugs and fake urine for the random tests that went on, but I don't think he did any of that with malicious intent. He was helping his friends. LOL. Who of us didn't know someone like that growing up?
Joe Deutschmann A reality in which Pemulis isn't a sympathetic character would be quite the kertwang, IMO.
Candice Jawohl. 'Tell Penisless to go sit on something sharp'
Leonardo Awesome character so far (still at 70%).
Tristan I can see how some might see him as an enabler. But he's really more mischievous than malicious, so you can't really hate him.
Greg Isn't EVERY character here seeking the same thing, ultimately? Given we all want something, we all have agendas, nah, Pemulis can't be hated, unless a reader hates everyone in this book.
Жанна Пояркова I hate him, sorry =)
Kathy Garrison Michael Pemulis is one of the "good guys" for sure
William Gaule Don't know about that, but not to fond of Hal, or Orin though.
I Watts A conflicted character, likable and yet...

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