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I am a fan of the Raven Shadow Novels and will read them all dedicated. I was though surprised to see Tower Lord engages in a whole new extension of characters. Do others enjoy the story within Vaelin's world yet missed Vaelin as I do?

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Christopher Harju I think the first book was one of the best books I have ever read in my life (I have read almost all the fantasy genre). However, the second book was utterly disappointing to me. Would have loved it to continue as a solo POW from Vaelins perspective. Didn't really care/get emotionally attached by the other pows.
Garylee Nelson I absolutely hated this book. It was terrible, and so completely opposite to Raven's Shadow as to be physically jarring. I could not believe both books were written by the same person. I still don't.
Logan I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt this way. I felt betrayed by my expectations from the first book. Too many POVs broke up everything, character development was lacking. Did anyone feel like Frentis was a completely different person from the scrawny little knife-throwing, devoted thief? Lyrna was completely different and everyone was boring. The only character I really cared about (Vaelin) was boring. Very disappointed.
Solemn I kept waiting for Lyrna to die but instead that autistic kid heals her, and vaelin loses his powers. Total bullshit. The Reva thing kind of fucked with me too. He made the 1st book so realistic in terms of how Vaelin was able to build on his skill in combat and then he just throws it all down the drain to make a shitty generic fantasy book where a charector some how manages to learn the sword and the bow in like a week. Then goes on to rival someone who trained for years. It was too forced. Ryan if your reading this no one like Lyrna and it sucks that the next book is about her because now I'm probably going to give it a 1. I completely skimmed through her Pov in this book, hopefully I don'y have to do so in the next
Rocco I still can't wrap my mind around how terrible the second book is.

Blood Song left you with a solid superb story and left you wanting more while Tower Lord had holes, no common sense, and had trouble reading from chapter to chapter. Everything about this second book was bad.

Like with Reva being Vaelins equal with sword after a few weeks when it took Vaelin years and years of training! She also had a dumb relationship with another character which came out of nowhere. Frentis was forced into a relationship with some woman who has lived several life times and all of a sudden starts losing it! It was so boring I started skimming pages.

It's like the author ran out of good ideas after the 1st book. I actually didn't even finish it since it was anticlimactic and I was just feeling to disappointed and bored to go on.

I think the author should just kill off the 2nd book & rewrite another one since it is unrecognizable from the first.
Max This book took the first and grew. I was exceptionally happy to see flawed real female characters in fantasy, something that can be missed. I love the multithreaded story as it allows you to be more involved in each story attempting to tie things together.
Coruptable I think it is great, multiple story lines within the plot adds so much to the enjoyment of reading. So much better than a one dimensional plot....Love it
Alan Gou Vaelin spends all his time traveling and talking and then finally gets a nosebleed towards the very end. That's basically his entire POV. Exciting stuff........
Rebekah I didn't think I would like this book because I really enjoyed Vaelin's story as a kid, but I'm enjoying Tower Lord much more than I expected. I'm just as interested in most of the other story lines as well.
Samantha The first time I tried to read this book, I could not get past the first two or three chapters. It had been a while since I read the first one and I couldn't remember anyone's name. Recently, I re-read the first book and picked this one up again when I finished it. As I started it the second time, I realized that what I didn't like about it was the shift in perspective so that it wasn't all Vaelin. I stuck with it though, and ended up loving it. I don't think the author could have told the whole story just from one perspective.
Ingasha I'm still reading it years later while I finished Blood Song in one night. looking for motivation to finish or at least just know the ending
Abhishek Tripathi yes exactly. however whenever vaelin's pov came i was impressed and rooted.
Ggplotgg I feel the same, though the different take in the second book does indeed help create a rich buildup of character for future releases - I'm looking at you, book 3 - it ultimately comes up short. Maybe if the book is much much longer then perhaps I wouldn't have the urge to skip chapters to get more Vaelin time, but alas, it is not meant to be, and I would not be surprise if book 3 is the same, seeing it might revolve around the Queen more or less.
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