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What do you gain from The Secret Book?

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J You gain the weight of the book, because the content is as nebulous and worthless as it gets.
P. Nothing that I didn't know before to be honest. Very tedious as nothing is actually revealed. It is simply a mantra that says the same thing over and over again which is: positive thoughts lead to a positive life. There is nothing to see here. Skip it altogether.
Huda Aweys In fact, nothing at all
The book revolves around the will, and the strength of our will, and I have confidence in advance because I am a Muslim
Briefly and simply in the Qur'an that God made humans his successors on the ground
And make all the universe in obedience us
Al-Saadiq Banks I actually gained a lot from this book because it's the first book that I read on this subject. I agree it is of the typical when it comes to the subject but it will always be my favorite because it was my first. It helped me to really take a look at my thought process and really listen to the words that I speak into existence.
Gichoria I first watched The Secret film in 2009 and read The Secret book in 2018. For all that time, i was a victim of a dogma whose doctrine is the exact opposite of the natural laws of success.

The Secret is built on wishful thinking - don't be manipulated to think otherwise by what the "teachers of The Secret" are saying and the "success stories" depicted therein. It is based on cognitive errors, biases and fallacies - this is where the BIG catch is. For instance, CONFIRMATION BIAS, which is the tendency to interpret new information so that it becomes compatible with our existing theories, beliefs and convictions is at work throughout the book.

This is what happens, by watching or reading The Secret, you become BRAINWASHED by doses and doses of superficial philosophies. And its not easy to disagree with them because strategically there is a mixture of world facts. You don't need The Secret to tell you that "what you think about you bring about." That's a FACT already. It all starts with the mind. If you want to be a millionaire, entrepreneur, professor, bank robber, it all starts in the mind. So The Secret rides on such facts but then "cleverly" infuses them with its DAMAGING and LAZY philosophy!

The author (mastermind) of The Secret appears to be speaking a different story in her other book, Hero. This is a more "realistic" book that features the stories of ten successful people who started with nothing and built business empires. The Secret and Hero are two books holding contradicting views, by the same author. Look out for Hero and see for yourself.

If you have read widely and have come up with your own philosophy, you will have no trouble debunking the so called Secret yourself. Interestingly, this shenanigan want us to believe that gaining weight is not a subject of diet but of "thoughts." That people can believe such nonsense is one of the mysteries of life! What sealed my doubts is the bravado they have built around their philosophy that, "the law is always right." They go on to teach that if the things you are "attracting" take long or don't manifest, then you must have cast doubts somewhere along the way because the law doesn't fail. The Secret is a slave master - and its followers are always wondering what they have done wrong.

If you are a fan, fanatic, follower or loyalist of The Secret, i ask you to come out and challenge my position and views. If you choose to stick in there and keep waiting for the manifestations, well and good - its your life. If you are a follower but have been doubting The Secret, it is time to start mapping the inconsistencies. Remember, you can't change what you don't acknowledge.

If you want to be successful, set goals and work on achieving them - avoid the folly that suggest you can sit down all day long and get rich by simply manifesting and visualizing what you want. This is not that kind of world. Be ready to learn and uphold DISCIPLINE in terms of thoughts and actions and if you are lucky enough you will get there.

As i wrap up my debunking mission, i MUST let you know that The Secret is a SOFT CULT. Read more about soft cults at:

Look out for authors and materials of substance. If you want doses of reality and information that will help you see the world clearly, get started with the following books.

1. Seven strategies for wealth and happiness by Jim Rohn. This book will get you saying: "The days of kidding myself are over. I really want to know what I have become and what I am becoming. I want to know what my strengths and weaknesses are, what has power over me, what’s influencing me, what I have allowed to affect my life."

2. The art of the good life by Rolf Dobelli

3. The art of thinking clearly - clear thinking for business and a better life by Rolf Dobelli

4. Life strategies, The no-nonsense approach to turning your life around by DR Philip McGraw
Spyros This amazing book gives you the opportunity to have everything you'd ever wanted in your life, may it be personal development or whatever materialistic thing you want and deserve to have, and all of this just by playing with your imagination! You maybe want to be less anxious or thinner or even to earn more money without struggling, whatever it is that you want to achieve, you'll achieve it, If you follow this book's simple steps in the end you will be enlightened to understand that you can have everything you want without even trying! So that the next thing for you to do will be to see all of your desires come to life! Now you can also achieve all this with the help of Self-hypnosis websites like this one ( http://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/?537... ) with no effort at all and while enjoying it, with instant results, but as i used to say to everyone that stacks to his everyday life believing that their until now life beliefs and expectations cant change easily, “”You will change your present life only if You Try!”".
Thats it, think of something you want, explore that book, and Get it!
Heather I feel that you gain an understanding of the role you and your thoughts play in literally creating your life's experience. I find the book to be a very valuable discussion of the idea that thought is create-ive (not creative as in an artsy way, but rather the idea that what you think actually creates what you live.)
Md. Zahid Hasan Its just about increasing your self confidence. I found the real truth that chases me through the years from the line "The only reason why people do not have what they want is because they are thinking more about what they don't want than what they do want." That is the Spirit you can gain.
Ali Adnan كتاب يعطي حياة ايجابيه ولكن فيه نوع من انواع الشعوذه ولا يثق هذا الكتاب في القدر والرزق
Salim one of the few books that I have regretted, the idea is the one of the law of attraction, many people like this idea, however this is what is called pseudoscience, the one who wrote it think it's true, however there is no evidence for it, if it was true I would be married to Nicole Kidman.
Sofía Contreras Una vida rodeada de alegría, pasión y felicidad, son las enseñanzas de ésta obra. Sabiduría y motivación para cada nuevo día en tu vida.
Descubre quien realmente eres desde tu esencia.
El destino de la vida está frente a tí,y tienes todas las habilidades para usarlo a tu favor y conseguir lo que deseas.
Arjun Paudel certain valuable insight....that you need to expect solution instead of brooding over the problem....and many other valuable insights.
Nessrine Macherki لقد نجح الانسان في اخضاع الطبيعةلارادته عن طريق فهم القواعد التي تحكمها
لكنه الى الآن لم يستطع اخضاع نفسه للقواعد فمهما حاول ذلك باء بالفشل
ربما إستطاع الكشف عن بعض الاسرار لكن النفس البشرية تبقى غامضة مستعصية نظرا لتعقيد مكوناتها
في انتظار ان يحيط الانسان بجميع اسرار النفس البشرية نشجع كل محاولة خاطئة كانت ام صائبة متوجهة في هذا المسار
Mohamed Samir more realization to some events happen during my day making those events more positive to me in the nearest future
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