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How do you deal with writer’s block?

Rob Goss Writer's block is a catch-all term that's applied to a variety of reasons for not getting the words you want on to the page or not generating ideas. To deal with whatever is causing the block you might be experiencing, you have to properly identify it. You have to understand the specific reason you are struggling with a piece.

Maybe "writer's block" for some people comes from being easily distracted while writing. If you are the kind of writer like me that works best in peace and quiet, maybe any “writer’s block” you are suffering from is the result of being in the wrong work environment. I can't get any thinking or writing done in a coffee shop, for example. Perhaps you need your email off, phone on silent, internet disconnected, and a space where you are alone to think and write undisturbed for at least a couple of hours?

Or maybe you are trying to focus on too many things? That’s definitely when I struggle the most. I find that jumping back and forth between too many projects stops me from ever getting into a really good roll on any of them. At times I can have several books on the go in different stages of production, plus a feature or two. As much as possible, it helps me if I can at least block out a day to make progress on a single project (ideally longer) rather than doing an hour on Book A here, an hour on Feature B there. Getting into the mode where my mind isn't wandering and ideas and words begin to flow takes time and patience, but then the good things can flow and flow. The less I break the flow, the better; because every time I stop it means restarting from scratch.

Equally, "writer's block" could come from having lost interest in what you are writing. Does that mean it's time to be honest and drop a story? Or come back to it another day? Maybe. There are all manner of reasons why we struggle to find the ideas and words we are searching for. The key is to try and identify the specific problem each time a problem arises. That means looking beyond the term writer’s block.

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