Manteltje asked:

Seriously... This is going to be the cover?

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Cogito_ergo_sum Agree! That cover is wrong! Some muscled dude (no matter how hot he is) on the cover is not an accurate representation of what this series is about. Maybe if enough of us comment, the publishers will change the cover. Iced was a great cover, so was Dreamfever, and Shadowfever. Some of the best covers I've seen around.

If I was seen reading this at a park or something, and some person comes up to me and says, "what are you reading?"
I say, "Oh! This great urban fantasy. You should try it."
Their eyes quickly glance at the cover before giving me a strange look. "That looks like a romance novel."
I shift uneasily, wanting to defend this book without coming across as fanatical. Hesitantly, I say, "Well, there is some romance in this book, (very little) but that's not what this series is about."
Now the stranger gives me a look of pity, a look that says, that girl isn't intelligent enough and can't tell quality apart from trash.
Now I sit there, sad and miserable. I haven't managed to convince another person to try this book. I haven't managed to share my love for this series.

And all that could have been avoided by having a cover that screams urban-fantasy, not cheesy romance novel.
Patti Totally agree. It's like every other adult pnr cover out there. I liked the original one much better
HStevey310 Right?!?! She writes about a strong, funny, and awesome character like the MEGA and you put fecking "hunk" on the cover?? NO JUS NO!!!
Sar I guess I must be the only one that doesn't care about the cover. I care about the pages, and THAT was the disappointing factor for me with this book.
SHOOKITHA TEA right? it's all wrong! I would never buy a physical copy of this cover LOL I really liked the one initially released.. meh
Jen Completely agree. Love the series, hate this cover. I love a good, half-naked, muscled and tatted man as much as the next girl, but not in this series. It's like they borrowed one of the guys from Moning's Highlander series and just slapped him on the cover of this book. ICED's cover was perfect. This Just no.
Karen Karen nas no control over covers or marketing. The cover never entered my mind as a factor in my enjoyment of the book.
Krystal Vann This has been irking me too. The cover is not an accurate reflection of the series at all. Sure there are men in the books but I would not categorize this series as romance.
Mariya I"m pretty sure it's the way the publishers are wanting to go b/c it looks like they are doing new covers for all the books, Darkfever just got a new cover with a hot guy and as well as the paperback of Iced. I would have preferred it to look more to Iced original cover with Dani, b/c that cover was really well made. I feel that the publishers think hot guy covers draw readers in, but seriously it's more than that. They're read it if they're a fan or if the synopsis is good.
Sharon I agree 100%!!
we could do a petition or send a lot of email to the publisher!
And anybody knows what Karen think about it?
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