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Melissa McCrackin
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Patricia Estrada Because she's basic af
Kumari de Silva I think like so many returning soldiers he is suffering from post traumatic stress. Lise isn't a terrible person but she's kinda shallow, kind of basic and he doesn't have enough emotional bandwidth to have compassion for her so instead he moves her out to the country so she can be as unhappy and isolated as him. It's sad. She doesn't mean to fail him but they're both too inarticulate to fix their marriage
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Lydia I think that Andrei fell out of love with Lise because of expectations. She just did not meet his. I don't remember the age gap, if there was one, between Lise and Andrei, but his father mentioned the 15 year gap between Andrei and Natasha and suggested the year long engagement. I think the old Prince alluded that Andrei had a habit of falling for young, immature girls (although I think 16 may have been old for the time). Natasha was definitely immature.

Lise was a great beauty and social butterfly among the St. Petersburg set. Her socializing probably cost Andrei some money. At Bald Hills, there was someone to keep an eye on Lise. Andrei's tyrannical father. By relocating Lise to Bald Hills, Andrei did cut her off from her social connections and then abandoned her to go to war (as many of the young men of age considered themselves potential heroes).
Ambrosia Johnston
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Dawnstream That's what we do. We fall in love, and then we wear it out. We are so moved by the other's adoration, that we fail to see the burden they bring. They grate on our nerves, by no other means than proximity. After all those awesome kisses and big promises for the future, do you really have anything to talk about? Don't you just want to eat or sleep alone sometimes? Isn't it nice to read a book without interruption? Wouldn't it be nice to pick out your own bedspread or spend a weekend at the beach without having to deal with anyone else's feelings about it? It's the wear and tear of relationships, not a particular fault of Prince Andrey's.
Eman I think because it might have been an arranged traditional marriage. Maybe they simply lacked that chemistry which makes people fall in love.
Elli Because that's the way Tolstoy wanted it to be. And if he found that Lise would not be as good of a wife was Natasha, why not?
Daphne I know the question is hardly a spoiler but I know some answers will become spoilers and so I took the precaution of labeling it a spoiler infested question.

So going back to the issue, Lise is pretty and loyal. In fact, Prince Andrei confers to Pierre that she would be one of those women wherein a man's honor is always safe. So it confuses me as to why he would fall out of love with Lise soo easily and feel intensely for Natasha?!
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