Don Meek
Don Meek asked:

First book of his I've read. I enjoyed it. What should I read next?

Amalia Kafka on the Shore is my favorite. Recommended!
Huy Windup Bird Chronicle and Norwegian Wood. These are the two best book of distinct styles by Haruki Murakami.
Todd S I've read most of them, my favorites are Wind Up Bird Chronicle, Wild Sheep Chase, Dance Dance Dance, Kafka on the Shore, Hardboiled wonderland. I like his surreal stuff the best
Michael Haley South of the Border, West of the Sun is--generally--in the key of Colorless Tsukuru, although his blatantly surreal work like 1Q84, Kafka on the Shore, and Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World is worth reading regardless. Kevin and Stephen are right though--Norwegian Wood is an achingly beautiful book.
Li Definitely go for Kafka on the Shore, it is the book that kills you in so many ways. And also recommended is Norwegian Wood.
David Bulgarelli Norwegian Wood is definitely the work of his that is closest in style and substance to this one, but in my opinion a lot better, so you'd likely enjoy it a lot.

After Dark is the same easily digestible length, while being a lot more surreal. It's one of my favorites of his.

If you want to experience one of his signature surreal stories, early on I'd recommend Dance, Dance, Dance as being the most accessible to readers who haven't read his weirder stuff yet. Wind Up Bird Chronicle, as well. I'd wait on Kafka on the Shore and 1Q84.
Tiara Larasati After Dark! Very very recommended!
Karen You should read IQ84 . I just finished it and it was awesome.
joy Kafka on the shore...wonderful.
Andrew Isley Hardboiled Wonderland is my favorite. But I think Norwegian Wood is closer to Colorless in tone and content.
Malena Add Kafka on the shore to the ones recommended by Huy
Rachel C. If you're looking for something short, After Dark. Something long? 1Q84.

It's still languishing on my to-read queue, but Windup Bird Chronicle is generally thought to be his best.
Kevin Try Norwegian Wood.
Aik6980 Norwegian Wood. You won't be disappointed!
Aravind Kafka on the shore was the first Murakami novel i read. I absolutely loved it. Norwegian wood is my favourite among his works
Mahhumbug Kafka on the shore!
Boy Blue Jump straight in the deep end. Wind-up Bird Chronicle.

That's if you're into the more surreal elements of the novel. If you prefer the realism, Norwegian Wood would be better suited.
Tony Walsh If you like to watch books made into movies then Norweigan Wood is a clear option. Some of his books are really long, eg IQ84 and Kafka on the Shore, so if you like an easy read then South of the Border West of the Sun or Dance Dance Dance might tickle your fancy! Either way, you can't go wrong. Hope you enjoy reading Murakami as much as I have!
Katie After dark is a good go to. Hard boiled wonderland if u want to get lost in a weird fantasy. If ur feeling solitary and introspective Kafka on the shore is a must.
Nabila Mahardika Norwegian wood is a must
Katie Wood I really liked Norwegian Wood, which was the only other one of his books that I had read before Colorless.
Jiehui Kia Of the books I've read, I think Norwegian Wood would be the closest equivalent to this in terms of style and subject.
Michael My first exposure to Murakami was "The Elephant Vanishes" and it remains my favorite. Awesome collection of short stories.
Milena Norwegian Wood or Sputnik Sweetheart.
Sunshine His short stories are really good too. The Second Bakery Attack was my favorite.
Celina Savellano My favorite Murakami books so far has been kafka on the shore and after dark. These books kept me awake throughout the night.
Jie Mauricio kafka on the shore, norweigian wood, 1Q84
DJ Dycus Yeah, I like the surrealist stuff as well. I'd say start with Kafka on the Shore, and then Hard-Boiled Wonderland if you like KotS.
Arely Norwegian Wood and South of the border, West of the Sun, I think are the best of Murakami's work.
Katherine Kafka on the Shore was my absolute favorite!
Varsha I personally really enjoyed Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World. It has some beautiful writing!
Stephen Doig I agree with Kevin, Norwegian Wood would be my recommendation - a terrific novel.
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