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Saqib Saeed asked:

islamic history is started for what time ?

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معتز عناني Before answering your question ,

I should mention some points

1. Islamic history was written and recorded according to a Lunar Calendar which is 348 to 360 days. And it changes from one year to another , an average of 354 days.

2. That Islamic calendar is called Hijry ( = Immigration ) , because it began at the time when Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him , immigrated from Mecca to Yethreb ( the old name ) and the city changed its name to El-Medina ( literal translation is The City ) due to the new civilization that began to spread from that small city at that time after writing the new constitution of the new city combining Muslims , Jews and few atheists.

3. Since the immigration of Prophet Mohamed & his companions to the new city , Muslims got more strength , and the torture that was faced by Muslims in Mecca become to decline, although a lot of wars broke out between the old regime ruled by Mecca rulers and the new city , El-Madina.

4. The Solar Calendar is 365.25 days , which makes a difference of around 12 days between the solar and lunar calendar. In other words for every 33 Solar Years = 34 Lunar Years

5. Year 1 Hijry= the Immigration
Year 1437 Hijry = 2015/2016 AD


Generally speaking :

The Islamic history began around 1437 Hijry Years ago with the Immigration ( 1394 Solar Years Ago = 621 AD)


The Islamic history began around 1449 Hijry Years ago with the beginning of the Revelation on Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him ( 1406 Solar Years ago = 609 AD)

* I hope it is a full answer
Shima Sam The origin of Islam can be traced back to 7th century AD; it was founded by Muhammad prophet. I recommend you to read the amazing book by Martin Lings entitled "Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources".
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