Susan asked:

I'm thinking of picking this book for my book club. Will it yield a lively discussion?

Marifer Reyes I think is perfect for a book club. I like half of it and I totally hate the other part. How? Let me explain. I love all the description of the trail and to know more about hiking the PCC. But i dont like the main character and all the bad decisions she kept making during the trail.
Haleigh All six of the women in my book club pretty much hated this book. It continues to come up because of how much we disliked it. In that way, it has sparked passionate discussion.
Stephanie Ulrich Can't imagine a better book for discussion. This gritty, honest, and delightfully tender true story brings many diverse elements together (sort of like 'real life' does!) I loved it perhaps more than any book ever. And at the same time I can imagine how it might 'touch some nerves' for folks who have issues with such a genuine portrayal of the highs and lows of our existence! A movie of WILD is being released in December.
Carol Yes, it can be lively. Check out the comments section on it here on Goodreads. Different people have wildly different reactions to the main character. I loved the book and I enjoyed her life story, but I was shocked when I went to Goodreads comments and read some of the hostility coming from people there towards the author. We are discussing it at my book club this month and I'm dying to find out what the other women thought about it.
Kirsten For me, this was a deeply personal novel. I would recommend it only for a group that's willing to open up emotionally.
Terynce This book was picked for my book club. We haven't had our discussion yet, but thus far, it's probably my least liked book in the four years of Book Club. I doubt my opinion will be universal, however, which should lead to some lively discussion.
Cindy yes. I thought it a good book and it has a lot of issues to be discussed.
Shayna We chose Wild and discussed it in our book club. So many different perspectives and feelings - it's a great book club choice!
Janet Yes, very much so. This book yield a great discussion at our book club-total of 2 hours just discussing it.

Amy Will it EVER!!!
Califohioan I think this might help with your book club discussions:

Astrid Whirley Yes, even though I didn't like the book all that much, I think you will have a great discussion about it! And I think there will definitely be different opinions about why some people liked it and why others didn't.
Sue Martinez We are reading this for our Pages to Screen book club. I think it's a great choice... followed by a movie for the holidays.
Sharon Yes. This would be a great book for your book club. Cheryl weaves a lively tale. I heard Cheryl speak, and she's very genuine. As a hiker I was amazed at her lack of preparedness for her journey, but her fierce determination to stick with the trail.
Tiffany Thielke Lesmeister Yes! I highly recommend this book. I suggested this book to family and friends and we had a great time discussing everything within. There are various reactions that people have from this book, but it is so real and you can tell that the author is putting her whole self out there for everyone to see. So many different topics to discuss within this book that the conversation cannot possibly be dull.
Allie I would not recommend this book. I have never decided to not finish a book. I always try to give it a chance and finish it. This is the only book I can't bring myself to finish. I actually lost the book for awhile and couldn't have been more happy.
Catherine Yes!! It's just so good.
Marcia Silva There are so many different topics to discuss including family, love, loss, conviction, strength it will be wonderful for a book club..and cathartic.
Ashleigh Harris Yes, I definitely think so. I'm reading it with five other girls now and we conference call and discuss it with each other. We have all been touched by the book and find ourselves identifying with the protagonist. It's a therapeutic read.
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