Suzanne asked:

If you could travel through time, where would you go? Back in history or forward to the future? How far? Part of me would like to go back far enough to meet my grandparents or great-grandparents. It would be fascinating to see what they were like. A bigger part of me wants nothing to do with the life of women in the past! And what if you didn't know how to get back?

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Jena If I could only choose one era to visit, I'd go to 1955 and start there. I would love to witness the birth of rock and roll firsthand, and "recent" American history fascinates me. If I had more than one opportunity, I'd go to the 1920s and 1940s. I might also go to ancient Egypt and/or medieval Scotland, but i'm leary of that, since I'm blind and I'm female, and I'm not sure how that combination would have fared in the distant past.
Sam I'd take the chance to see Queen live ;)
HRH Katie I'm having trouble deciding between two periods; either Tudor England (I'd love to see Anne Boleyn or Elizabeth I) or a Native American tribe on the East coast or in the Mid-west, long before Columbus arrived and fudged it all up.
Célia Loureiro I am sure I'd go back in time. Maybe (almost surely) to the beggining of the 20th century, maybe 1910. I'd go to New York city because of all the developments in the Big Apple (today New York City is not my #1 priority).
Denise Pollitt Sam. Ditto, I missed "Live Aid" in 1985, I didn't have the £25 ticket fee. Actually, I didn't have 25p come to think of it. If time travel were an option for me, that's where I'd want to be, and if I couldn't get back, so be it!
Lora Swafford I would definitely go back in time to history! I have always loved reading about history, and stories like this just make it that much worse!! LOL
Steelwhisper I'd prefer seeing the future. 200 or 300 years ahead maybe. I'd take not getting back in stride.
Jen Yes, the not knowing if I could come back would be a deal breaker. However the concept is a good one. I would love to go back to a place with a good, year around climate; so coastal southern europe. Maybe 150 years ago, stay for a few years but only if I could take along a source of self-defence and a kindle.
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