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To me thiis book is very different from other Reacher tales. It is too wordy, cerebral and boring. But Lee Child can write so you will wizz throught it as usual. Maybe he wrote it for a screenplay venue. Did anyone else find it different from the usual?

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Merril Anil This book is exactly that: cerebral/analytic/investigative/descriptive aka long and boring . In short everything except for the one thing that it should be - "A Jack Reacher novel"
Linda Murphey Yes, I agree, who really wrote this book, I finally gave up, totally lost interest. Too wordy of no interest, I finally decided I really didn't care who did what..
a most unusual Child book.....
Jack Like everyone here a huge fan, but really......who really wrote this?
Melanie Johnson A snoozefest. It took me 5 months to read something that usually I can't put down. Way too wordy!
Doris Luther I thought it was to wordy. All those details and explanations. I was disappointed and bored, which is unusual for a Child book. I have loved them all and was really looking forward to this one. Hope he gets back on track next time.
Dan Thaler I just started it yesterday and immediately wondered if someone else had written it. The tone seems so unChildlike.
Suncoast IMHO Child went overboard trying to think up something different. In some parts I thought he was starting to sound like an espionage genre author. It would be great to see Child write something different outside the Reacher formula.

I hope it wasn't written as a screenplay template - the Tom Cruise affair was a disaster.
Lekshmi yeah... The pace is different... Reacher seems to be 'thinking' more than usual. Anyway, I am only halfway through. So I donno yet.
Brad His formula of slow buildup and then climax, followed by abrupt ending of maybe four pages at best is wearing a bit thin. But I knew it was coming.

I actually liked it as much if not more than some of the recent installments.
David Penny So far I don't find it all that much of a change from usual. Lee Child has changed the formula a little over the last few books, with less outright action and violence and more thought. Half way through at the moment and enjoying it immensely - partly for the writing, which is so, so slick.
Andrea I agree. This is the weakest book in the series and I have read all of them. It wasn't quite boring, but *almost*. Reacher is a like a fish out of water when he isn't in the U.S. and for some reason, it felt uncomfortable. For me. Not as much suspense, nor as many plot twists, as the previous books, which is what hooks me. I love the bare bones writing style, but it needs more action, less description. I was pretty disappointed, especially since I bought the book instead of borrowing it from the library. I really hope Child is back up to speed on the next one and hasn't burnt out.
Ed Kohinke sr. It was different but not too different. My problem was the great buildup that led to a fizzle of an ending, which I've seen in some of his earlier books.
Carol It was different. I like it when Jack is roaming the country side and trouble finds him..
Pablo Wow, this book gripped me and I couldn't put it away. So you all say other Reacher stories are even more addictive? Then again, I seem to like slow paced books just as fast paced, so maybe it won't matter for me
Joy Burton Think he must have had a stand in for this one. Very disappointing
Lawrence Levine I don't understand the complaints The writing is very intelligent crisp humor tense action scenes The only problem I have is the hero is too formidable . If I was writing the books I would not make him into such a hulk
Marji Morris I thought the ending was a let down. By the time he got to his
"target" it was sort of ho-hum, as if he had used up all his suspense in the scene on the bowling green. It picked up with Charlie White a little, but the attempt at a surprise ending was another let down. I love Lee Child books, but this one was less than wonderful.
Linda I'm almost finished with it. Usually I whiz thru Reacher books but I've been on this one almost a week!
Diane Way too long and descriptive.
Ruth Ann I agree. Very wordy, not at all like Reacher's usual thought process. I also found some strangely worded sentences - like maybe from the UK version that were not changed, or perhaps just poorly edited.
Jack Mahoney It was different, not a good book compared the the first 18
Me Yes, I thought you are very polite with you negative review, I just could not finish it, the "BS" got too much.
Anita I agree that it was too wordy. He used 50 words when 5 would have sufficed. It occurred to me that he was being paid by the word. And the narrator was very irritating to listen to.
Aprennace Since when does Jack have a platonic relationship with his heroines? Boring and not true to form. I have gotten quite used to elbows flying to inflict untold damage and the inevitable Crown Vic cameo like Hitchcock in many of his films (page 275 in this book), but imagining Reacher with low libido just doesn't fit. Come on, Lee. Write him the way you know him and let the movie makers distort him without your aiding and abetting their stupidity.
Ron Collins I agree. Boring. I kept reading in spite of my inner self telling me to quit wasting good reading time on this piece of dribble. Now I'm mad at myself for not kicking it to the curb early on.
Leo I have read 300 pages and yes it is too wordy and goes in too much detail.
Dolores Not at all nail biting. I kept putting it down because it just wasn't that interesting (usually, with his other books, it was just the opposite.) I did finish it but yes, it was too wordy and boring.
Terrie Fox Erhardt I agree, too. Different, slower paced, and finally towards the last 5 Chapters it becomes more like the Jack Reacher we've all come to know and love! Somewhat disappointing, but I'm glad I read to the end.
Kiana I did wonder why some of Reacher's interesting quirks, like the clock in his head, or his crazy coffee discernment skills, weren't mentioned.
Barbara I also wondered who wrote the well as what happened to the real Jack Reacher! Certainly didn't like him narrating his fight scenes or explaining his motivations. This JR imposter lacked the aura that defined the character. JR was flat in this book. So disappointed as I waited for it with high expectations. I've read all the wonderful JR. books. Feel this one came from the same kind of thinking that cast Tom Cruise!
Rmreingold I don't even see this as a good screenplay, but what do I know about what goes on in Hollywood these days? Logic for this book just does not hold together. Character interaction just does not develop, and situations are not believable. I have read and enjoyed all the previous installments, some required a bit of suspension of reason, but were overall engrossing. This one just does not seem to be a real Reacher novel at all. Maybe a first or second draft at best. Guess nothing lasts forever.
Roland I agree with nancy allen . who wrote it ?
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Stewart Black Yes. I've just finished it and I felt Child was for once just going through the motions with this one. Of course the books are formulaic but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless. It didn't help that he kept referring to his greatest ever book Persuader all the way through.
The inventive original and genuinely exciting and well structured nature of the earlier work shone an unflattering light on this slight and rather obvious tale.
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