Amanda Graczyk
Amanda Graczyk asked J.D. Hollyfield:

I always admire the authors who admit to locking themselves up in a room for days or stay up for 30 hours straight to complete their masterpiece. So what gets you started on writing and putting together a story? Do you have to center yourself in silence in a room with just your laptop/computer? Do you start with a play on a thought and run with it? What kind of customs do you have to get the creative juices flowing?

J.D. Hollyfield Amanda! Great question! First off, I would LOVE it if I could just lock myself away with no care to reality what-so-ever! I envy people who get to do that. The day when I hit it big, hopefully lottery, I will build a sound proof castle, made just for writing. It will have a wine bar, a desk and surround sound. You are invited  I will admit to being a night owl. I am definitely guilty of pulling all nighters, then going to my normal life routine, then coming home and doing it all over.

With every book that I have done, the storyline just comes to me. With Life in a Rut, I was doing some hardcore daydreaming and watched this storyline play out in my head for a few days. Finally I just sat down and started at the beginning and began to type. Life Next door, literally came to me in the shower! If you can imagine a poof above my head and then an explosion, that’s literally what happened! Lol. I am not sure I got all the conditioner out before I jumped out and went straight to typing. I don’t think I got up until this one was done. My husband was not all that fond of me that round.

I have a story bank of romantic suspenses that I have written. One which came to me in a dream. I think I was still sleeping when I woke up and started writing on my nightstand.
When I write, throughout the book, the plot comes and goes. Sometimes it just doesn’t go at all. I have a few a few scripts that are half written and turn into duds. That’s life.

Lastly, I do a lot of my creative thinking in my car! I have a long commute to and from work so I tend to zone out and plot characters and scenes. I love music so I tend to adjust the mood to whatever part I am in my storyline. You can tell when I am in deep storyline mode, because I get that look that says “I’m only talking to fictional characters at this time, go away” haha

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