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Hey, how was the book? Is it worth giving it a shot?

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Scarlett Molly This book is without a doubt the most heart-wrenching, tear jerking book I have ever read. It is a must have!!!
Mukul Kashyap It is just OK nothing Spectacular. Good one timer but nothing that you will miss on your book-shelves.
Carol It is a good story, but the characters come across as fake in my opinion.
Sophia Skiffington I truthfully would not, this book is okay, but it is nothing great.
Petra Miocic Mandic Most certainly worth it. If you are John Green's fan. It will most definitely warm up your heart, make you cry a bit and smile even more. But the characteres are a bit lame and they don't seem to be realistic. More then that, I think problem with John Green is that, if you read, for instance, The fault in our stars, it would at moments seem like you're reading the same book all over again.
I mean, all in all this is a good YA literary achievement but no more then that. If I didn't read Cheertastic Christmas miracle it would reject me from reading other Green's works.
Kimberly40196 You should defiantly give this book a shot. I would not however give this book a shot if you are in a public place, with a group of friends, or deeply depressed. Chances are you will start sobbing uncontrollably until a man in Starbucks comes up and asks you if you are having a nervous breakdown. Hypothetical situation of course.
Cassandra No, go read Paper Towns instead. Unless you like John Green hugely and just want to read everything he's written.
Jaicee if you are smart you will like it a hella lot
Suzanne I love all of John Green's books, but this is by far my favorite.
Cristy Either read this book or Paper Towns, but not both, they're the same storyline with the same character types, in is like reading the same book twice. Trust me, I just read them both in a two-week period.
Michele Willet No. Read one of his better books, like Paper Towns.
Spencer C. Before reading this book, I heard some positive reviews and feedback based on this book's development in the story. Now that I have read this book and is mid way through, it seems like an average teen fiction book. The author's main character creates a smooth plot along with the character development for both the main character and other background characters.
Overall, the book to me seems alright. I like how the character is able to relieve the pain off of other characters as it shows his brighter side. The novel is also a bit intriguing. For people who are interested in teen romance and drama fiction novels, this could be a really interesting book for them or other books by John Green.
Mady Johnston I have not been able to finish this book, I for one am not a reader at all but this book definitely caught my eye. So far it is very good and intriguing it is interesting I have not read anything like this before. The characters are described well and I can picture everything that happens in my head. I would definitely at least read the first two chapters. I know John Green is a good author. Most likely will read more of his books.
Nicole i really did not like it, was not bad at all in the beginning but when "after" started i got really board and had to make myself finish it.
Bradley Scearce Most definitely! It is an extremely influential and poignant novel filled with bursts of humor,sadness, and joy.The most amazing part about this book is the fact that this is John Green's debut novel. So in short, yes it is worth taking a weekend of your time.
Phuong To I would prefer 'Papertowns', also by John Green. It has a kind of similar story to Looking For Alaska :D
Seempje Yes, It's very beautiful.
julia YES. It will capture your heart and tear it into pieces/tickle you with humor and cause rivers of water to pour to the ground/ it is Looking for Alaska unto this day/and this un-rhyming rhyme must end/begin it again
(anyone who's read LFA knows that this a subtle hint at something in the book)
Katie If you are a shallow girl between the ages of 10-15, you'll love it
Kinsley Gilmore I enjoyed reading this book because of the way that John Green organized the book by counting down the days! That really made me want to keep reading it and find out what happens and what he does to look for Alaska.
Redfox If you like drug, sex, violence, and language in your books, then yes read this book. I believe that it's a great book that portrays all of the controversial issues that the youth of today deal with.
Kathy Hua I have only read 1/4 of the book, but so far, Alaska is a very irritating character. And, I wish that John Green would talk about Miles' feelings more, than just saying what is happening.
TillytomJones If you've liked John Green's other books, I am pretty positive you will love this one as well. It a great read and I will miss the characters. I actually WANT there to be a movie! I definitely recommend this book.
Emily i would reread it like 100 times
GenjiHere I absolutely loved this book, though one of my friends though that it was kind of disturbing. Yes it is!
Persy Hort Yes, though it was very sad (like most John Greene books) it was incredibly written and extremely interesting.
Mikaela it's an experience everyone should have
Alisha the most thought provoking book ever and you may think "oh this is a teen fiction and it's going to be so boring" but no
it's everything you thought it wasn't
definitely recommend!!
Sravya The beauty of this book can be perceived when you have the ability to see the hues of philosophy and wisdom. I think the idea of suffering was beautifully layered in the lives of high school students. I think the more we have seen life, richer will be the ways in which we can see their lives and understand them.
Grace Sawin It's a great book, and by far my favorite of John Green's. Definitely worth a read.
James Mehraa Out of all the John Green books that I’ve read, I’ve found this one simply the best. It’s better than Fault in our stars for sure. But it’s much more different from that. The story is amazing. The characters are relatable will stay with you for life. It will bring back your days of high school (if you’ve passed out) or shine your days if you’re still in high school. Stop reading reviews. GO READ IT.
Brian Hutzell John Green is in a unique position as an author because of his online notoriety with VlogBrothers, CrashCourse, and other YouTube channels. I was a fan of John Green as a vlogger for well over a year before I read any of his books. I was almost afraid to, in the way you might be afraid to read a book written a by a good friend if you were nervous that it might not be very good. Happily, I quite like his writing! Has anyone else experienced their relationship with John Green the vlogger coloring their experience of John Green the author or vice-versa?
Feran Definitely, I personally loved this book, it's hilarious and such an emotional book.
cowboy Some parts of it are honestly grotesque and disturbing.. nothing amazing
Strawberry Just read my review to really find out. xP
Kitty This book is wonderful and definitely worth trying, but if you don't like it in the first 60 pages then maybe it's not the right bbook for you
Gloria Rodrigues I finished reading this book today. In my opinion, this book wasn't that great. It's an ok book. Nothing special about it.
Paiton Robey Its a good book, and i reccomend it to anyone, Although It is not the best book ever. Check out See Me by Nicholas Sparks,
Chelsea Pearl i've read this book 3 times already
Missy6000 I loved the book, it is a very mature read.
Kayla Troutman This book changed how I perceive other people. It changes how you look at other's attitudes and it changes how you feel about yourself. It makes you want to keep the people you love safe. You want to ask more questions and you want to tell everyone everything while you can. It changes everything for the better.
Yumna Hussain The book was amazing, definitely worth the read!
Laura It was alright. A bit predictible, but beautifully written.
Dreamette Absolutely but make sure you have tissues on you when you do!
Roman Liu Its ok... It contains some explicit material
Jenna Amazing book, but i felt like the ending needed more. I didn't like the emptiness I was left with. But don't let this comment discourage you from buying this book because I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Allison Jordan You should read this book, I have read it, and it is one of the best books I have ever read. I love all of John Green's book but this is my favorite one!
Luna Abu REALLY worth a shot, don't even hesitate a bit!
Paul Cruise This is Johns Greens greatest book of all time!

Eleanor Yes! I gave it a shot and I liked it.
Miracle It is more than worth it. Definite read.
Robert Young Yes it's worth giving it a shot! It's John Green's best book along with his other books such as Paper Towns.
Gabriella Gaby This book is really good. I really like how Alaska make me mad and smile and hate her at the same time! The character is really good! Really love this book my favourite.
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