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Is this book like Percy Jackson? Does it involve Greek and Roman gods, or just Roman gods? Is it a good book? Is it violent?

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Catherine It's got Roman gods, it's not very violent, and it's nowhere near as good as Percy Jackson.
Addi It only has Roman gods, tho Greek is mentioned in the 4th book. It isn't really like Percy Jackson, the real only similarity is the mythology. I LOVE THIS BOOK. And it is semi-violent.
Diya This series is worse than Percy Jackson. Just because the word choices the author used sound old fashioned. It is less adventurous as well. It is violent for sure and it has only Roman gods, though it mentions greek religion in one of the books. I would rate it as an good/okay book.
Grace This is as good as Percy Jackson and I am a huge FAN of Percy Jackson. It is violent but not super violent. More violent then Percy Jackson I think. An AMAZING BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Roman gods by the way!
Gabriella kinda like percy jackson, uncle rick reviewed it, he said it was good. i like it too.
Hayden Dollinar No this book is nothing like percy jackson it just more adventurous then Percy Jackson. This book just have roman gods nothing more nothing less. This book is good but bad. Yes, It is violent!
AnimalLover It does involve Greek/Roman gods, I love it, some violence and would recommend 11+! Great book, I have the series myself and hope that others will too...
Teagan actually this series is kind of like Percy Jackson
Kim It has a few mythical beings in it, but not as many as Rick Riordan's books.
Claire It does not invole Demi-gods but other than that it's pretty close to it. It just involves Roman gods. It is a very good book. I highly recommend it! It's not very violent and by that I mean it mentions cuts and bruises and a little bit of fighting. Warning: At least two people die and some creatures die too.
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