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I'm not a King fan, but I've enjoyed stuff where he doesn't fantasise. I'm talking Shawshank and Misery. That said, the book of The Shining doesn't (for me) compare with the film, in which all the fantasy could be in Jack's head; in the book I got a bit peeved when topiarised hedges sprang to life. I've no idea why King does it when there's no need - as he proved in the books mentioned, but that's just my take.

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Erika Temerová Well Mac as the Master always says - the only thing that is important is the voyage :) If you prefer less fantasy maybe try umberto ecco, dan brown or philipp vandenberg :)
Michael Peake The film is effective in that it maintains ambiguity as to whether the ghosts are real or in Jack's mind, until they let him out of the pantry, whereas the book makes it clear there is something paranormal going on from the beginning. Conversely, I find the different level and greater emphasis on the paranormal elements n the book to be more interesting.
You are right that, taken at face value, the moving hedge animals seem a little ridiculous, and less chilling that the other horrors at the Overlook, but the passages in which they appear, I find them to be quite effective; even with everything else happening in the hotel, the characters almost refuse to believe the hedges are moving positions even when confronted with the evidence before their own eyes. It's this sort of tension that makes those passages compelling (for me, at least).
Ben Knudsen Honestly the book never says that the hedges aren't in Jack and Danny's minds. Danny could have cut his leg on something beforehand on the playground and his mind was forced to register the pain at a later point. I think that it really depends on your viewpoint and what you are willing to believe.
Graham I enjoyed the Shinning, so far the only king book I've read, but agree completely about the topiary hedges. I can understand about the party and dead lady in the bath, past events that could be explained in haunting terms, but the animal hedges running around like live animals just seemed ridiculous.
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