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i'm still trying to work my way through this. having a hard time. does it get better?

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Carolyn Lind I considered quitting very early in the book; I didn't. And by the end was ready to give it a top rating.
Mary I'm on p. 315 and am STILL considering abandoning it.
Andrea Wilkes i really did not like the first 70 pages but made myself read at least 100 pages. I am enjoying the book now. It just starts really slowly.
Kimberly I thought part two was way better than part one. I had a really hard time getting through part one.
Barbara Muller I have mixed feeling about this book. The first half was interesting & kept my attention. Then I started having trouble & stopped reading it about 4 times but I kept going back to it. When I got to the last part I could not stop reading.
I would just say keep at it and at the end you will be glad that you finished the whole book.
Amy Henry Hi Leslie. Hope you finished "The Orphan Master's Son." I just read it and though it did start slowly, I was blown away by the end. I wrote a review of it if you care to read it. I'd love to hear if you ever made it through.
Margie No - I gave up at page 125 and will not go back. It is all made up with convincing descriptions but not worth it. Skipped ahead a little - nothing redeeming or remarkable. I hardly ever give up on a book. On to the next book.
Sandra Agree. I just got to the 1/2 way point and a discovery of a certain person mentioned early in the book just blew my mind!!! I'm definitely hooked. Keep going! (I see this was written 8 months ago, but just in case or for others struggling through it!) : )
Nancy Lindeberg I put it down for about two years, and then just picked it up again a few weeks ago, upon which I absolutely inhaled it. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood a couple of years ago. Sure ended up loving it, though.
Cheryl Chiarello Yes, yes, and yes. Beginning part was difficult, I find it difficult to cope with beatings, starvation, torture, etc., but once the main character gets to the Navy things get very interesting and just plain incredulous. I just gasped at times and had to call my best friend and relate what was going on bec. I couldn't believe what was happening, not just to the main character but to all the characters and in the country of N. Korea.
Another reviewer asked if this book accurately portrayed N Korea and yes, the author did his research, etc. Also, this book inspired me to do my own research via other non-fiction authors and investigations of news and political sites. N. Korea truly seems to be the modern-day equivalent of Nazi Germany. They are a military-complex country where every bit of humanity of its citizens is sacrificed for the glory of "the Dear and Glorious Leader" and the military. This book just blew me away, I was astounded. Also was gratified by the ending which was not easy, and which I won't comment further about here so as not to "spoil" for anyone.
I thought about this book for months and I've taken to relating something "Commander Ga" said: that photographs and mementos can't be held onto physically-- they must be kept in your heart so you always have them." This has been esp. appropo with all the floods and fires destroying homes and towns in the USA.
Jake The ending made it worth it for me.
Hal Issen I'm sorry but I can't relate, I couldn't put it down. Perhaps an Audible version might be more accessible for you? I do that with books that interest me, but don't engage me.
Jenny I found the first half of the book a bit slow, procedural, and it felt like a random grouping of facts told in loose sequence. I struggled with it, and wondered what the point was. But the second half - oh my hat. That's when I couldn't put the book down, and all those scattered pieces of the first half came together. It was brilliant and I loved it. Stick it through - it's well worth it in the end.
Joce I read 40% of the way through and DNFed because it got no better and I felt nothing towards the MC
cell The struggle to power through that boring part one is totally paying off. Hopefully you finished the book!
Trevor I loved this book from start to finish. Its portrayal of the N Korean totalitarian state is fascinating. I also enjoyed the characters and dialogue. Parts of it were very funny and other parts horrifying. I hope that one day the N Korean people will be liberated.
Linda Lindsey Well worth the read.
Sara Well worth it -- hope you kept going:)
Barbara I agree with the others. I very nearly gave it up because I didn't think I could handle any more evil. In the end, I think it was worth the horrors.
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