Jasmin asked:

umm i didn't get it when at the end death said "i'm hunted by humans "? what did he mean ?

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Zainab Shahid The quote is actually "I'm haunted by humans" and, in my opinion, it means that sometimes humans can get so cruel and unpredictable that even death, which is supposedly the greatest evil and the ultimate end, is afraid of them or of what they're going to do next. Hope my answer is satisfactory. :)
Simone I think he means that really humans control death. Death is often condemned as cruel and the biggest fault in the universe but the novel shows how we choose to harm each other and death is a natural consequence of our own actions. A very powerful book.
TheBirdNerd Really it say 'I am haunted by humans'. I love that ending. People often think that death haunts humans, but when you think about it, it is humans that cause death and suffering, not death itself (lol that doesn't make sense). So basically it is saying that death is haunted by the suffering humans cause, since it has to go to the suffering people and kill them, although that is not a choice death has made - it was caused by humans.
Naomi "I am haunted by humans."
This quote, I think, is so deep and thought-provoking that it really means different things to everyone. So there's no real one way to understand it, really.
However, this is how I see it.
I think Death is referring to the stories of humans. Think of how Death speaks of Liesel's story. He often pities her and her loved ones. Yet her story is so tragic that Death never truly forgets it, no matter how much time passes. In short... Death is haunted by Liesel's story.
So Death says "I am haunted by humans" because the sad and tragic stories of humans and death are always on their mind and they never truly leave.
Hope that helps :) Boy that was long LOL
Reading-Girl2 The quote is 'I'm haunted by humans'.
It's meaning can change from reader to reader. Like an abstract painting. In my opinion, Death is haunted by humans, he collects their souls and they haunt him day and night. The horrors of human kind cling to him and he can't escape. Death is haunted by humans. It's meant to be kind of ironic, I think.
Asa The quote was "I'm haunted by humans."
Lily I personally feel that he means that he is haunted by all the people that he has carried to their death, and how their stories and faces will haunt him forever. wow. my answer sounds really bad compared to others.
Hunter Weicht To me, when death said “I’m haunted by humans” it’s because they stick with him. Throughout the book he often talks about how the humans leave impressions on him and how close he gets with them while talking to them before they die. This was very apparent to me because he chose to say this after his conversation with Leisel about the book she left behind and all the people that made a mark on her life. He is saying that humans haunt him because they are incredible and out of all of the souls he collects, some of them, he will never forget.
Joshua smith J PLEASE go help her
jwk It's because death, 'who' saw so many people die, was still so moved by this moment. He respected Liesel while he felt that he was getting haunted by how humans can be so cruel and selfish.
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