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Abbey Centers asked:

Is this book meant to hate on men or empower women?

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Lyn Jensen Strange dichotomy you've got going here--it either hates on men or it empowers women, there are no other possibilities. How about neither? Criticizing men isn't hating on them. Women don't need a book to be empowered. If you're a woman, you know all about "mansplaining" even before it had a name. If you're a man, and can't handle criticism, then you're not much of a man.
Ralu Why would bringing to light the wrong things men do be equal to "hating men"? Surely the truth has no emotional bias.
Ron Christiansen I would argue that it is meant to empower both women and men.
Jo As Rebecca mentions in one of her essays, feminism is not a zero-sum game. Empowering women doesn't automatically mean a hatred of men. Seeing women as fully human with all the attendant rights and understanding that brings, changes the narrative of societies and releases people from the strictures imposed by prescribed gender roles.
Empowering a disenfranchised group doesn't harm other powerful groups.
I'm now curious as to why your therapist asked you that question...
Marianne Hi Abbey, as you mentioned in another thread that you now dread responses to this question, I am hoping to break that cycle for you. I think asking questions honestly and hoping to learn from responses is often better than keeping these questions inside and not interrogating the patterns behind these thoughts. This seems to have brought you progress, and the discussion this generated may have helped others. Well done!
Abbey Centers My therapist asked me this question; it’s not a reflection on how I feel about the book.
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