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I just reread Mission Song after a number of years and immediately had memory of having watched it on screen. It was not made into a movie that I can find, so does anyone know if it was adapted by BBC, perhaps, in a series they produced on intelligence? This is driving me batty but I am very certain I watched it besides having read it. Thanks for any help here.

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Sasha I also haven't read this book but the synopsis sounds remarkably similar to the 2005 film The Interpreter, which has a female protagonist (Nicole Kidman). The movie has similar plot elements: A protagonist draws on languages learned through a childhood in Central Africa to build a career as a high-powered diplomatic translator and in the course of this work accidentally overhears a nefarious scheme that implicates the highest tiers of political power: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Inte...
Mary Jeanne Possibly it reminds of the BBC adaptation of Smiley's People?
Charles Pergiel This has also happened to me, though not with this book. I suspect that while you are constructing the story in your mind, your mind is dragging up and / or creating scenes that fit the story. Either that or the CIA has chosen to erase that particular movie from existence. Or maybe some drone in the Google hive mind has taken it upon themselves to eliminate all trace of that movie, and with the fleeting attention span of the public, who would notice except for maybe a few cranks on some book forum.
Eva Hi Kathy,
I have not read the book, but I have listened to the audio book. It was so well done, with British actor David Oyelowo (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0654648/bi...). He is amazing on screen and did such a great job reading this book, that I had no trouble visualizing it as I was listening. He portrayed so well all the different accents for each character. He didn't just read/narrate, he acted each role as if on screen. I don't know for certain that there has not been a screen adaptation, but I wonder if perhaps you might be misremembering "seeing", but rather having "heard" this book....???? :-)
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