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Is this a good mystery for a book group?

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Kaya All of her books raise some serious questions about what you'd be willing to stake for your family and friends given the different story lines she uses. My friends and I call her books "heavy chick lit" because they're easy to read but delve into some serious stuff. We've used Three Wishes as a book club book and want to use The Husband's Secret. I think this one would be great as well.
Katherine I agree with Pembe. It is not a traditional mystery. But I think it would be a catalyst for a lot of discussion in a book club and would be a good choice for a book to read.
Pembe I wouldn't really class the book as a mystery but I do think it would be a good choice for a book club. There is a lot to discuss such as the characters, how/if opinions changed of them while reading and what everyone suspected about the ending.
Drmiami6 Yes, especially because it is so unusual in that not only don't you know who did it, you also don't know who is dead. This made it much more interesting.
Corey Regalado Ideal for a book group but the mystery is disappointing.
skketch It is a mystery but probably not the way you are expecting it to be. There are deeper and darker themes than just a murder. It is a good read however, thought-provoking, and will certainly generate discussion about some very difficult subject matter.
Casey Yes- there is a lot to discuss!

My version with the lollipop came with Group Discussion questions.
Zugravu Corina-aurelia Kaya, your "Heavy chick lit" is perfect...I was just trying to find some words to characterise Moriarty`s books. I liked this one a lot (in contrast with husband`s secret)
Anne Martin not a mystery but a weird book about relationships.
Kira Sjoberg I wouldn't categorize it as a mystery.
Janet I read this with a book club of several women and a couple men. People had a wide range of responses to the book. The men got into an interesting discussion over the male characters, feeling that they needed to step it up! It was an overall lively discussion.
Tamara Rokicki Yes, absolutely. This book raises so many questions. While reading it I always asked myself "What would I do in this situation?" or "what if that was my child?" I could really relate to the characters as a parent myself. It isn't a typical mystery book but it does have an element of wonder until the very end. Like it was said by other reviewers, this book would engage you in some really great conversations.
Mganson A great book club book. Some heavy subject matter but made for great discussion.
Diana Bustamante This is not really a mystery
Brenna We are reading it this month for our book club and everyone is loving it which is rare (we have a ton of different preferences - some hard core fantasy lovers, some court room fiction lovers, some strict romance lovers.. etc etc). Definitely a great pick! I had never read anything by her before and will again for sure!
Sandy Yes - so much to discuss
Andreadl This is much better classified as "chick lit" than mystery. I'd be terribly disappointed if it were in a book club for mystery genre that i attended.
Tina I couldn't get into this book like her other books. I put it down.
Sallie THis is a great book for book clubs. We are reading it and I can't wait to hear the discussion. It's a combination of mystery and women's fiction. A great blend!
Mary Sanza Great book group read! Lot's of ineteresting characters and situations to discuss!
Leanne Paty GREAT book club book! Lots to talk about and even some things that all moms can relate to and discuss.
Elizabeth Hobor Great for a book club read!
Trudy Absolutely! Moral issues and gray areas.
Cindi I agree with all the other comments. My chick lit book club is presently reading "What Alice Forgot" which is, IMHO, the best of Ms. Moriarty's books so far. They are moderately light reading but the plots definitely give you food for thought, e.g., "what would I do in x situation?"
Karin Grice Yes, I thought right away this would be good for a discussion group. Should generate a lot of "what would you do..." talk.
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