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If you're trying to get into some good old fashion bigoted science fiction writing is this a good book?

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Brian Beasley Gina I think you took Master's question too seriously and missed the word "bigoted" in the question.

To Master I take it you are being sarcastic with your question but I will bite anyways. I don't know why people accuse this book of the things they do (actually I do). Yes, Card is a conservative and he's admittedly a homophobe as well but neither of those things come through in this book. You have to look pretty hard to find anything "bigoted" in the book and the themes in Ender's Game have nothing to do with any sort of bigot revolution or anything. If anything there is a strong pacifist message that you would think would be the opposite of most conservative's mentalities.
dsreads Yes, yes we get it. Your moral outlook on life is the correct one and anyone who disagrees is a bigot.

People who think the book is crappy, predictable, cliche are probably forgetting that this came out before all of the crappy, predictable, cliche teen fiction they think is well done (or do you really think Hunger Games deserves a better rating... If so, I'm sorry). Almost all YA fiction is a borderline ripoff of a few novels like Ender's Game.
Nellie As a woman, and someone completely oblivious to the controversy surrounding the author, I freaking loved this book. I loved the social commentary... it was like a live reenactment of the narrative in Ishmael.

Looking back, I would've never guessed the guy was a homophobic mormon. Ha! Oh well, still a good writer! Authors can be weird people.
Gina I don't think so. I love this books because of its social commentary -- it's observations on war, politics, people, children, childhood, etc -- but not because of it's sci-fi-y-ness. For the most part I found the descriptions of battles and other tech things to be confusing and more than a bit dull; I would consistently skim through them. Ender's voice and observations are what makes this book so glorious. If you're looking for something that excels because of its science fiction then I doubt this is the book for you.
Lars-Christian Elvenes I realize I'm late answering this one, but here goes. First off, yes, Card is certainly a bigot. Mostly so given the way he describes how Ender has to fight so hard to get any respect, while Card himself is perfectly fine acting the same way towards gay people. Doesn't really make sense.

Now, for the book - Stay away. This is horrible. I have no idea why people keep loving this book, or why it has gotten the recognition it has. You might as well see the movie adaptation. You won't miss much, except Ender is older in the movie.

I've read the first four Ender books (don't ask me why. I guess I wanted to figure out why people liked them). 2 and 3 have some interesting elements, and 4 has one of the worst endings I have seen. We're talking "The Last Templar" bad (or Gone Girl, but I only saw the movie).

Anyways, read Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds instead. If you like it, there are more books in that series, and it is miles ahead of Ender's Game.
Maozamom I gave this book to both my son and daughter as teens. They absolutely loved it and continued the series. My daughter gave this to her son who enjoyed it too.

BTW my son is gay and my daughter is a lesbian and didn't find any problems with the book.
Connor Hagan Orson Scott Card is a bigot, but you'd never know by reading the book. The book, ironically, has a message of love and tolerance.
Thais Regarding your thirst for bigotry in sci-fi, I think this book is an excellent point to start, especially if you consider it's on so many "top sci-fi books" lists.

But don't take it from me, take it from some of the other people who answered your question. I mean, if some members of the LGBT community (allegedly) didn't see anything wrong with this "man book", then there's nothing wrong with it! And one person even assumed you're female solely based on the fact that you're criticizing the bigotry in the book, which doesn't further prove the point that there's something wrong with it. No. No, no.

The problem here is you're just a "self-righteously narrow-minded" person who actually knows that if you use Evolution to justify gender bigotry, you didn't get the theory at all. But it's no big deal. It happens. I mean, if you're a woman, too many centuries of Evolution are working against you. Card wrote so himself! And I think it is because women who display characteristics that ignorant people categorize as "male characteristics" are, obviously, either killed or forbidden to have children nowadays. Which is why, a few decades from now (wow, man, that Evolution is sure fast), only women who are not fierce enough (whatever that means) or brave enough or smart enough will exist. If humanity somehow finds a way to take male genetic contribution out of the equation. Duh.
Nicholas Oh man this is a spicy meme
Erin H. I liked the book, but NOT the old fashioned sexist comments.
David Eydelnant Amazing. I never cease to be amazed how Enders game actually deals with people like "Master" who hate the labels and yet always find a way to label others. Its a troll of course. And most intelligent people will find a way not to answer because they know the way this narrative goes, and they will get shouted down by a vocal minority that gets its own way as spoiled children do.

The book is an amazing self-discovery, told through the eyes of a child, in a future that could be our own. It foretells trolls like Master and most others, and internet webs of deceit and self-congratulating muppets that are puppets of the actual power-brokers of the world. It deals with love in its many forms, and the responsibility we have to stand up against those that "speak the loudest".

If you have children - read more of THIS "bigoted science fiction" and understand the strong messages of understanding, peace, and horrible price of war... This is a book about being human, and being able to persevere despite the absolute disgustingness that is also inherent in most humans.
Jon Bathurst who gives a shit the books old, you would be a different person in that time period too. Don't act like you came up with all your ideologies yourself. You are a product of the times just like everyone else.
Shane You are an idiot
Odin No, although many people believe him to be a bigot (He very well may be) no bigotry is conveyed in any way in the entire book!
Tereza Fuxová As your views of "good", "old fashion" and "bigoted" are quite hard to pinpoint from your question, why don't you go and see for yourself? And then tell us.
Myself, I find the book very good. Regardless of the other two criteria.
Charles I'm curious. There is nothing in Ender's Game about homosexuality, but it's called "bigoted science fiction" because of something the writer said elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Dune depicts the villain as a grotesque homosexual ("such a lovely boy") and gets away with it.
Sín Wellroth Lång This series is perfect for that end
Russell Young
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Timothy Morrison no, I would not start with this book. it is about as unbigoted as they come. it is about looking at others as they want to be seen
Paul Tracy I basically agree with Gina, As sci-fi it's OK, I thought the plot was pretty predictable, but the commentary and Enders though processes made it a good read.
DoodleBug This is a book for anyone, even someone as self-righteously narrow-minded as Master.

I did not find any of the SciFi elements confusing, at all. Most people, male or female, will have no problem with those.
Roman Yes! read it (if you havn't yet) you'll love it. its a man book dont listen to that woman down their she doesn't know anything.
James This is not bigoted but it has a very disjointed (and atrocious, to me) writing style. It is undoubtedly old fashioned science fiction though.
Quinton If you want old-fashioned, bigoted science fiction, try 'Earth Abides'.
Gavin Dooley Yes this is a great book to read. It's very energetic and keeps you entertained and hooked in the series. There is a strong message that you would think would be the opposite of most conservative's mentalities.
Edita The best.
(possibly barring Heinlein)
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