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Why do people like this book?

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Jakub Zahumensky Because DRAGONS :D just kidding... I like how intricate and detailed it is and how a seemingly insignificant detail aids you to reveal something 500 pages later - because you are sure to remember it, right? :D Also, the parallel with our real history makes it attractive. There are heroes and antiheroes, but almost none of them is black-and-white, but rather complex human beings. And they evolve with the story.
Claire Because it's a daytime soap opera in book form....None of this black and white story guff... it's a soap pure and simple. Hell all we need is Ned Stark's evil twin to show up and we're there.

Wolfgarr No idea. I personally can not stand the way RR Martin writes. Works for some.. Doesn't work for me though. Then again..Robert Jordan lost me somewhere around book 4 or so when he started running off on a wild goose chase with more and more characters to his story.

I have only read about 1/2 of the first book in this series. And i Honestly don't think i will be missing much if i never finish it. Agree with me or not.. Thus is my Opinion.
Nicole I love it because you really never know what will happen. There is not a central character you know is secure till the end of the book. Anything could happen to anyone at any time, that is what makes the story so interesting and even though it is a fantasy still pretty near to real life.
Sasstronaut I've very much enjoyed some of the characters. The seemingly spazzed out amount of POVs and the dragging of the plots are wearing on me though.

Despite that, it is a rich world he's created and I feel he can still bring it back up.
Nathan Because it's brilliantly written and has amazing character depth that is far better than even JK Rowling?
Rits Because it is unpredictable. I seriously don't know what come next. Also the characters are complex. Everything is not black and white, the series has lot of morally grey characters
Stefan i'm still in book 4-5 but i like the small stories in the big stories G.R.R.M tell us.And Probably coz there is not much magic.Just plain Humanity.
Gbolahan The book was entertaining to the people that liked it. That's why.
Helen Mabry Why do people like this book? What happens in this book that moves the plot forward? Not one thing.
michael The same reason anyone likes any book. What kind of question is that?
Knight Cliff because it's not a black and white story
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