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I remember loving this book as a student. But, what age range is it appropriate for? I've got a 7.5 yr old who is reading about a year above his age. Would this still be too old for him? If we read it together...?

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Christine Soules I remember reading it once when I was too young to fully understand, and then again when I really understood the meaning of it. Maybe you could read it again along side your 7.5 yo and answer any questions :)
Jewlz I read this in fourth grade, but it was very easy. It would depend on how well the 7.5 yo. can comprehend what he/she is reading. If he/she is a good reader, I would say," Read on!!!" But, if he/she is a little slow, I would wait until grades 3-5. I hope my comment helps, Jewlz.
Evan Thomas I was like 5th grade read this I read at 8th grade level when I was 11 still couldn't understand it. It's not about what grade level you read on.
Sharon Schultz The series gets a bit heavy handed on the science and deals with mitochondria and such it may be above their age level.

I think children in that age would enjoy another series better.

Try these:
The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis
My Teacher's an Alien by Bruce Coville

Suzanne The first time I read this, I was around 7 or 8. It's age appropriate...and still is. I'm reading it again at 48. At reading level or above reading level, there is no age limitation to this book whatsoever.
Lucy Takeda It is listed as 4.5 grade reading level.
Bethy I would say to read it with your child. It may be difficult for him to understand though. But just try your best to explain it to him.
james I'd say to read it with him.
Andy Zach I read this originally in 3rd grade when I was 9-10. No problems.

I think most 7+-year-olds would 'get it' if it were read to them. Madeleine L'Engle read it to her own children when the youngest was 5.
H Yes, it is perfect for his age. Any older than this *&%& won't be worth it.
Shaylie I think that this is a good book for people of all ages!
Susan Carpenter As the author states at the beginning of the first book, children understand these books better than adults.

All that means is if you are an adult who wants to read them, open your mind a bit. Maybe a lot. As for what age is appropriate, she had a child as young as 7 and 2 older children, the eldest being 12, and they helped her catch what should be expanded on or changed, as she read her rough drafts to her children at that age. If they can understand it, kids from 7-12 in general should have no problem with it.

However, I always recommend that as long as a child will allow you, you should read it to them so it is a shared experience. Builds good memories of truly quality time between you.
Malcolm Manness I read Tanglewood Tales by Hawthorn to my daughter beginning at 7 or 8. Sure she missed some of the words, but the beauty of the language entranced her. She loved them.
Mia Nah. I read this book in fifth grade when I was eleven and I still didn't fully understand it, even though my reading level is very high for my age.
Libs I think it would be confusing especially with all the science stuff
Kathy Prendergast This book had many stops and starts for me. We had a 1970s hardcover edition of it on our bookshelf; I think perhaps it had originally been my older sister's. I think I first read it or started to read it at around age 10 to 12; I found a lot of the vocabulary difficult as I was a good reader but not exactly precocious, or not as much as my sister anyway. I didn't find the characters of emotionally immature and wildly insecure teenager Meg or her strange mind-reading little brother Charles very likeable at first. My sister or my mom, who was a librarian, may have encouraged me to give the book more of a chance. I don't know how old I was when I eventually read it all the way through from beginning to end, but I loved it when I did, and have re-read it many times since. There's really a lot in it for a kid to get their head around, like physics as well as weighty moral, political, and religous issues, so I understand if many children resist it at first; it's not at all like the Harry Potter books that just suck you in from the first page.
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