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Mary Oliver This is the later revised edition of Dr. Bates original book with a different title published years after his death.

This new book is great, it WILL improve your vision to 20/20 and better. This later edition has omitted a lot of paragraphs.., practices and all pictures, especially Dr. Bates experiments but it contains the essential treatments and an additional section listing the main practice 'steps' at the end of the book by Emily C. A. Lierman, Bates (Dr. Bates assistant, wife). All the main steps are organized. Some later re-prints of the original book contain this; '1940' print... If your into preserving this method, deep study I suggest buying this book and adding it to your collection of the originals along with printouts of Dr. Bates original books, articles, magazines which are free on-line.

New Publishers, sellers were afraid to print all the original natural treatments in this new edition due to threats of imprisonment, lawsuits by eye surgeons, the optical industry who were destroying Dr. Bates and his wife's original books, his Better Eyesight Books-Magazines, Medical Books-Articles after his death in an attempt to hide true, safe, effective Natural Eyesight Improvement from the public. Note; the new book, publisher was forced to change the title from Perfect sight... to 'Better' eyesight. The eye doctors prefer to sell addictive, harmful eyeglasses, contact lenses, eye surgery and drugs. Lasik surgery on the cornea is big business and eye surgeons, doctors know it will lead to many eye problems resulting in more expensive surgery and lifelong purchase of eye drops and other medications, kits to treat all the eye, vision problems the surgery causes. This includes prescriptions for eyeglasses. Sometimes the side effects of surgery do not appear for about a year.

In the old original Bates books; some practices (which are removed from the new editions) like open-eyed sunning and the sunglass treatment which can reverse blindness must be done with exact directions, precision, skill and for a temporary time or eye, vision injury can occur. Dr. Bates is not here to treat the patients in person and give detailed directions. Modern teachers, authors hide these old practices to protect people, so they don't just read it in a book, interpret partially and then do it wrong. Others teach it, place it in their books but with exact directions and state that "only an experienced ophthalmologist who practices the Bates Method should apply it and only to reverse, correct advanced eye, vision conditions and only 'temporarily'.

There are people that stay with, teach only the original Bates practices but they misunderstand them and are using the sunglass on their eyes every day, a few times a day (and often with unhealthy artificial light) for life and advising everyone to do this. This is dangerous and is not the true Natural Vision practice Dr. Bates and modern Bates teachers teach. These people still have unclear vision, for years. Much anger, arrogance, stubbornness, partial knowledge has kept them and their students mentally, spiritually and visually 'in the dark'.

Science and art grows, advances. The old and the new is beneficial and must be preserved, but preserved in the correct form.

The Bates method works! The practices in this book improve the vision, even with parts removed for the modern copies. Note the many positive reviews, success. I especially like a review on ebay; the man tells how our Govt. politicians are bribed by industries... to hide natural cures, to hide much of TRUE history and science... Dr. Bates is a brave man. He stood up to the bad guys. He revealed the truth and suffered much abuse.

Suggestion to publisher; place Dr. Bates picture on the cover and state that he is an ophthalmologist.

Dr. Bates original book; Perfect Sight Without Glasses by W. H. Bates is also titled; 'The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses by W. H. Bates and it's other title; ] In red, maroon, green and possibly green with gold braid border. Tan/yellow dust jacket. 9 editions. Final is published by his wife Emily A. Bates (Lierman) in 1940. Antique originals can be expensive but worth the price.

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