Matthias Mabel

was the treasure discovered?

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Le Petite Beauvoir I quote the intelligent philosopher Miley Cyrus, "ITS THE CLIMBBBBBB"
Muhammad Yaqub obviously the treasure of self discovery is much valuable than materialistic treasure
Xmarshallx To quote another author - Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not the fish they’re after.

Rekha Nag Its a journey within...deeply spiritual that touches your soul. In this modern hyper world people are running to 'achieve' or to get something and when they achieve, they set another goal and these goals never end. This book is all about finding your inner soul and wisdom and that is the treasure the writer has said about it.
Youmelous What is wonderful is to discover the world...I gues that what was Coelho wanted us to understand!!!
The world is just great, but politicians complicate things!!!
Oms1257 why dont you discover that out yourself ? :P
Khalil For me , the valuable treasure is the Love.or different kind of love
Esha Lohia yupss.. the treasure was discovered in the end as it says "treasure lies where you heart belongs." And Santiago discovers that the treasure was the journey itself, the discoveries he made, and the wisdom he acquired.
Nina So... when you go to the cinema, you also ask how the movie's going to end? :s
Julie The path is the goal. Buddhist saying.
Masresha And those treasures inside as and around as need to be exhaustively discovered by us before looking away. That's the core point I learned; in that case I'm also the alchemist.
Bruce Rusk
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Doris A simple "yes" or "no" is impossible and defeats the purpose of the read. READ AND SEE...
Harald Øksnevad
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Supreet Sethi There are two part answer to "treasure discovered".

Firstly, a travel store ends in self-discovery and treasure is the key discovering new aspects of your being.

In this story, the treasure symbolises something socially forbidden but personally valuable to the author. He eventually decides due to series of reasons to go back to societal structure instead of breaking the norms. So in that sense treasure is discovered but not deemed valuable and left.
Cleanfun Yes. It was discovered to be at the very spot from which he began his journey.
Joe Bohac Read the book. It wont take long. It's good.
Izel The materialistic treasure is a representation of discovering your personal legend and your npinner self
Marimar Son Love and self discovery.
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