Douaa Soltanh
Douaa Soltanh asked:

how do you open the book to read

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Kyle Parnell bash you head against the book intill you break the cover
Jessica Stuart You can't on here, if that's what you're asking. It seems to me that you thought you can read it on this website, but no, unfortunately you can't.
Leo.L you get a chainsaw and you rip off the cover page and you repeat that step for every page until you are done the book.

Thanks for asking!

P.S please make sure you're being supervised by a parent or guardian
GregoryRJ8 You pray to R.J. Palacio to open the book for you.
Kelly Douaa: On behalf of these crass people I apologize. It seems that Jessica Stuart is the only one with feelings. Everybody else has to be a wise a**. They are the very kind of people that would make fun of someone like Auggie. Shame on all of them, and kudos to Jessica. I hope you enjoyed the book, Douaa.
Elkins_Kai Step one: Take book into hands. Step two: Open the thing. Step three: Read the book Einstein!
Olivia Catron You can’t read on this site. If that’s What ur asking. Other people need to shut their face because they just wanna be mean.
Booklover456 Pick up a book. Then read it by flipping pages.
spooper nana look at it, wait until u get laser eye's and then shoot it
Goofygirl323 You can't on Goodreads. Goodreads is just to keep track of your books and there is a few other extra things you can also do.
Philip its a pull thing not a push
Ethan Stanhope cut the book in half.
Ella Freeman Sadly you can't READ books on Goodreads
but you can get it from your local library, or you can get it on your device, and the over drive app is also a great way to read book without having to buy it
Calista Open it from left to right!? Do you really need help with that?
Caden E Swing the book in the air singing Justin Bieber’s songs till it opens
Andreea Writes You decide which part you want to read first. Because you have August as the story teller, his sister Via and then his friends. You can start with any of them :D
PlzGibMeTacoz She means on the tablet guys, not in real life ( idiots... ). Candice, I think you just push it and it opens.
Avery Lol ironic that the moral of this book is "choosing kind over right", though I get the desire to be funny when this question is asked so often. Honestly Goodreads should just put "WE DO NOT GIVE YOU FREE BOOKS" on it's website and then people wouldn't spend so much time getting worked up about this.
Juheoun hey try to blow wind between the second page and the cover page
it worked great for me!
B. Lynne So funny... When I read this question, I thought the author was surveying how people typically open (the covers of) a book. Do you check the inside flap of the dust cover? Flip to the title page? First page of Chapter One? Open in the middle? Toward the end? Ah, the digital age: Click to open.
Lucia Ayer Take the book cover and pull, duh
Jazz You can't on here... If that's what you are asking.
Professor Bones Are you messing with us? Is this a prank?
Nicole so many useless answers.... Online you can be whatever and whoever you want, why do so many decide to be assheads?
Alexandra You can''t open the book on this website . You would have to open a new website or find it in your local library :)
twicebaked been wondering that my whole life
thomas You go to school and get a brain
Gwdash You'll need to borrow it from your library system through Overdrive Media Console, your local library, or purchase it.
ACleo Well, why do you have this question? And everybody this book is great. Please don't make fun of it!
Athena Bumpus Get Sans to use his gaster blaster!!!!!

P.S. Has anyone played Undertale yet?
Kayla O you open the book
Montgomery Cagle That's a hard question
Vivian Lahey i have an answer for Kyle Parnell
why would you want to do that is you like reading if you dont like reading than why are you on goodreads good reads are for people who like reading and like typing reveiws if your just on here to get famous thats just a dis craces to other people
the worst person you've never met Buy the book opening pack for $4.99 from EA.
SPOODERMAN You burn it up then, you look at the ashes, change yo mind, then read on computer. that just leads to the question about: how to click a mouse. I will ask dat. comment peeps!

Oh you also a D hole
Mistake (Yes Hey Douaa ! I had some trouble opening and closing the boo too! Glad i'm not the only one lol rawr xd xd. Love u babe, best of luck !!
Riya Agarwal Hmm...WOW. Got tears in my eyes ;(
Hannah how do you read this book??????
Michelle Lynn Sutton This book is so awesome that my whole school is reading it
fabian darnell jackson
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Stefanie MagMag Step 1. Cut a hole in a box...
Kikie silly question with so many comments :D
Sofia just read the book lol
Julia ok this is the dumbist question on earth if you mean in real life but if you mean here you can't this is to mark books you've read want to read or you are reading
Mike Breytenbach You will love this book!
Dorothy You can't read books on goodreads, if that's what you're asking. If you want to read it online, try overdrive or the kindle app from amazon.
Meg is that a real question?
Joy Could you be more specific? Do you want to know how to open up a book?
Nina I'm not sure, but I think that most of these books aren't for free... I don't remember whether it's free or not on kindle devices.
Brunorodriguez you cant read on this website. They sould make it that you can read on this website.
Anisha_book_lover If you are asking about only offers previews

If it is a physical copy, I think you know the answer to that....
Maya The book Wonder is inspirational about a boy with a facial deformity and the boy is going through all these hard times coming into a school. I find that the author had an idea and kept pursuing her idea even if she has had some hate along the way. I would definitely recommend this book and watching the movie. It's an amazing book anyone at any age would enjoy this. This book shows children and adults how to treat others who don't look "normal".
ed sheeran’s bae Buy book 2 open book 3 read book 4 finish book 5 close book 6 stay foolish like me
Samar lol everyone u r being just like Julin sad and alone but want to put the pressure on this harmless little Douaa
Giani Boerner open it with your hand
John O have no clue.
ag Hold the book in your hand and open it
Ieshaa you open just like you open every other book in this world
Squidward Tentacles Hold the book, then open it fool.
Kedir Dinagde I wonder whether he know how the book open
Sophie If you meant on a tablet than you push it and it opens. Or at least on mine.
Sharon Moxley I like this book because its really interesting and it makes me want to read more about it! ;D ★★♥★★
Mmmmm yas i do want to know

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