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How adult-fictiony is this book? Will I, as a person that reads exclusevely Y/A, find it hard to get into this book?

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Barbara I think young people especially SHOULD read it - know the cost of war that people went through in the 1940s. It's an in-the-mud account of the the Occupation of France.
War is different now with drones.
I found it was very easy to get into Marie-Laure's story
Sarah Ozcandarli
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Ada I read both genres, and really liked this one. The characters, are well rounded, and it is a moving story.
Dale I think this book would be well suited to serious and mature young adult readers, as it highlights the vulnerability and confusion of two young people in very challenging circumstances, their choices, and the consequences. There is violence, but it is handled with a light hand, and would be unavoidable in a war story such as this. As history, it is vividly painted, and the descriptive writing style is beautiful; a fine writing example to any reader from high school up.
Barbara I have no problem classifying this book as YA/Crossover. The language is lovely. The plot is very comprehensible and interesting. I did find the ending as regards the gem most unsatisfactory and confusing. I would have liked more about the uses of early radio, and just omit the whole gem/thriller plot. I liked the epilogue, showing some characters years later.
Lisa Newell Yes, I see a lot of similarities between this book and some of the dystopian young adult novels ... Except in this case, it's not fiction based. The Nazi regime was as sinister as the powers in the Hunger Games. Reading this book exposes you to the power of good and evil in the world, mostly seen from young people's perspective.
Walker I would not place this book in the category for young adult readers ..I liked the book but found the ending unsatisfactory.
Karen I found it a little difficult for the first few chapters [I read YA too], but it all depends on what you love about YA books. There's no love triangle or romance at all. It's simply a book about a girl and her experience during occupied France and a boy struggling with his teachings to become a soldier in the Nazi regime. The two main characters don't really collide. I would say it's a very adult fiction. If you love to read about World War II you will appreciate this book.
Cathy this book is deeper than another favorite, The Book Thief, a YA crossover. as a former teacher, i would love to introduce this book to seniors in h.s. there are so many layers to explore.... science ,music, classic lit, and all the history. the author wants us to discover his themes and it is a joy to do so.
Rebekah Hi, I'm asking a question in a questions. i know, a bit wrong. But i really need it answering. Is there any explicit sex in All The Light We Cannot See ? ANY profanity? And by that, i mean the f word in particular. Is it incredibly gruesome? Any help much appreciated. Thanks and sorry x
Maida I read lots of YA books also and I think if you are prepared to understand the sadness of war on the innocent you will get into it just fine. The suffering of war is always a hard, but this was personally touched so many people in those countries.
Elaine Dreher I teach Language Arts in middle school. I think that this book would only be good for very serious readers. I also love "The Book Thief" but if it is not taught in a classroom with a teacher guiding discussions, I feel that many average readers miss the importance of these types of books. The young reader does not understand the darkness of the time periods without discussion.

Even though you can always find parts of a book you would change, overall the book is brilliantly written and students can learn a lot about this confusing time in our world's history.

I would definitely recommend it for junior and seniors who can really explore and discuss not only the history, but also the unique way the book was written, the character development, the detailed descriptions that brings the reader actually into the scene (how you can visualize and hear even the smallest details), and all of the fabulous metaphors and vocabulary.
Sharon Foust I would have loved this book when I was in HS. I think it would an excellent book to read for HS kids when they are studying WWII. It paints the scene so vividly.
Kelly Moriarity I believe that it would be a little deeper, a little darker than most young adult fiction, at least that I have read, but I do think that you will be able to get "into it" easily....this book is intriguing on so many levels, I find it difficult to believe that anyone would have a tough time getting into it. Both of the main characters are young adults, Marie-Laure actually starts off at the beginning not even a teenager yet. If you are yourself a young adult, you may be even more equipped to identify with the emotions of the 2 characters that come of age in this novel than most adults would. It is worth a try. Best advice-stick with it, even if you are struggling at the beginning, stick with it. I promise you it's worth it. Good luck, good reading, and please let us know what you think at the end!!!!
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