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Wanda Cooper asked:

Slow read for me tried to get through it couldn't ...anybody else? Maybe I will try again...I really love Francine Roberts but this did not work for me...

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Rose.bud I kind of see what your saying but think that with this series Ms. Rivers wants to get the reader fully immersed into the time and era. So there is a lot of description, but mostly only at the beginning. If you can press through, (or just skip a few pages ;) of description you will see that it was well worth the press. But if you do skip you'll wind up going back through it like I did, (lol). By the time I finished the book I felt like I was there in that time period with Hadassah and the rest. Hadassah was like part of my family by the time I finished the first one. Ms. Rivers really out did herself with these three. I loved them all. And don't stop with the first one! Trust me you have to read all three. I do believe they are well worth the read.
Chene I felt exactly the same way. I was ready to just leave the book, but once you get to about chapter five you cannot stop reading!
alan hernandez I agree, you have to get through the first part but then you will be rewarded. They are great books! I have read h then at least twice.
Anna Ferrara No, I loved it. But I also read a lot of literature so I'm used to slightly slower paced books (although I would not describe this one as 'slow-paced') Les Miserables is a favorite of mine, if that's any indication.
Garilyn Warmack Wanda, I hope you tried again. I started book 1 three different times. Once I made my way through the first part. I have not been able to put them down.
Angela Ahadome You should try listening to it. I listened to it and loved it. It brings the story to life and makes it a lot faster-paced.
Neringa I am so glad you wrote this. I am more than a half way through and also quite disappointed, struggling to finish. There's something about the writing that seems a little too bland for the historical time. I also just can't bring myself to liking Haddasah. She always seems to appear weak, pale, very skinny and on the verge of tears. Which makes her so.. simple, predictable and completely unrealistic. I am sure there is more colour in character if you are a devoted Christian. Especially at the time of the novel!

I'm going to read Quo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz next. It is a love story between a roman patrician Marcus and a slave Christian girl... (oh..?) I anticipate it to be a much 'weightier' depiction of the complexity of the time..
Yohi Rly, I'm very much enjoying it specially the parts where haddassah and the rest belivers worship and spend time together
Annette Summerfield I started this book a few months back but I ended up putting it down. I couldn't stay with it. It's still sitting here in my bedroom. I'm going to put it on my bookshelf as I don't have any desire right now to try it again. I will though. I just read through the description of the book, here on Goodreads, to refresh my mind about the story. It sounds good. So, I'll just wait and try again in the future.
Evelyn I didn't really believe this was a "slow read", but that's fine! If you do get farther into it, you will be truly rewarded. It's a wonderful series!
Bianca I couldn't get past the 1st chapter...Not sure if I will try again.
Elizabeth Kehn I felt like it was a slow start as well.. towards the end though it got really good and I finished it quickly.. Hoping that the second book is a quick read all the way through
Rose Don't bother. It's definitely not worth your time. I can't believe that it got the ratings that it did!
Lora Swafford It was never slow for me, but about half way through it really gets good! Don't give up, you will love it in the end.
Danielle Stanton That's funny, it took me about 2 days.
Sheila I agree with all the comments....great series, but takes some work getting into it. The first 5 - 7 chapters set the stage, but WELL worth the effort. Like Alan, I've reread the series a number of times. Loved it everytime:)
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