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when is the movie coming out?

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Nicolette From RJC's FAQ on his website... :)

2. When is the Girl in the Box going to become a movie/TV show? It would be awesome!

Other than "When is the next book coming out?!" (November 4th, by the way) this is probably the question I get asked the most. I'm going to be brutally honest here, so hold on to your hats.

It will most likely never happen.

Here's why. Presently, the Girl in the Box sells pretty well, which makes me a happy author, and it encourages me to work harder to keep delivering books people enjoy. I write more books now that I'm doing well than I was in the first years when I wasn't selling anything or making anything.

But it also puts me in a position where I don't need to make compromises to my creative vision.

Ever seen a favorite book get turned into a movie and have it turn out just WRONG? For every Hunger Games, Harry Potter or Game of Thrones that gets it right, there are a ton of them that just don't. What you loved about the book gets messed up in casting, or in the script, or somewhere in the transition to the screen. Yeah, I've seen those too. And that doesn't even count the books that started through the process of getting made and never actually got done. It's hard to take a book and make a movie or TV show out of it. A lot of things have to go right, and it doesn't take much going wrong to kill a project dead.

I've had offers. I'll entertain more in the future. Like I said above, I'm money motivated enough that if the right offer came along (money, producer/director vision, etc. - one of these factors weighs more than the other, but I decline to say which) I'd seriously consider doing it. But I have zero control over either of those. Authors don't just go out and make movies from their creations. Most of the time authors sell the film or TV rights and whatever shows up on screen (if anything) is done entirely without their input.

I've spent too much time with Sienna to just toss her into someone else's hands without care or consideration. If I did make a deal, my poor, stout, 5'4" tall heroine who weighs 137 pounds in Alone and doesn't quite fit the Hollywood ideal for body image would probably end up super tall and thin. That probably sounds like a minor quibble (and it is) but as the creator the thought of this and a thousand other character choices I've made being taken out of my hands make me more than a little queasy.

So I never say never, when it comes to a film or TV version of Sienna. But I'm in a position where I don't have to say 'yes' to it ever, either, if I don't want to. (And right now I'm firmly in the 'don't want to, maybe not ever' camp. The thought just makes me ill.) I'm sorry if it disappoints any of you, but I would rather never see her on screen than see it go horribly wrong. Because Sienna deserves a lot more than a desperate creator, in a hurry to do whatever it takes to put her into that particular box.
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